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Benefits Of A Massage Chair (Medical And Other Benefits)

Massage chairs are the great invention of modern time. Many of us think that massage chairs are a show-off for a luxurious lifestyle. The most common question that comes to our mind when we hear about a massage chair “Is it really worth the investment?”

Some other questions can be something like this:

Is it suitable for me? Does it have valuable benefits?

I am here to change the misconception about massage chairs. Buying a best value massage chair is not only a sign of luxury but also has a lot of benefits. In this article, I will describe the benefits that massage chairs do for us.

Why Should We Use A Massage Chair?

Massage chairs have gained much popularity among the people of different parts of the world for their vast health benefits. We are busy with our daily life busy routine and have to work at least 12 hours a day. We get tired and feel exhausted after our daily works. This impacts both our physical and mental health.

We may have pain in our back, shoulder, neck, head, and muscles or other different body parts. Our physical condition can get worst, we suffer from anxiety, tension, and stress. But only a single massage chair can give us relief from all these problems. It is a must have product if you want to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Massage therapy with a massage chair will remove your inflammation of muscles, back pain, neck pain, and head pain. It will increase blood circulation along with lymphatic circulation in our body. This helps to reach oxygenated blood to all parts of the body and helps in decreasing cardiac muscle problems.

A massage chair also gives us relief from pain by removing stress, anxiety, and tension from our bodies. It helps in producing endorphin hormone which plays a vital role in relaxing your body and helps to concentrate on the next day’s work. It helps to improve creativity, workability, efficiency and also helps to enjoy a sound sleep.

How Does A Massage Chair Work?

Massage therapy from a massage chair is much more effective than a human massage therapist. Different types of massage chairs contain various features and come with various extra benefits. Some provide massage through the vibration of rollers, gears to give relief from muscle pain. Some chairs contain water bags and airbags that tap on the specific muscles and others help in blood circulation.

The motorized reclining system in some massage chairs allows you to adjust or change the chair’s position. To sit comfortably you can recline on this chair and enjoy the massage of the chair. In the massage chair, the wheel or the gear of the electric motor creates vibration to provide massage on the body. The rotation of the wheels of motors creates this vibration. And this vibration is the simplest way of providing massage on the body.

The rollers are designed to move in a definite direction like moving up and down while providing massage to get the best result. The rollers are mainly used on the back, neck to get relief from back and neck pain.

Another technique is to apply pressure on the body through airbags. At first, airbags are placed on the specific part and then gentle pressure is applied. Sometimes the massage is done by tapping on the airbags on arms and legs areas.

There are top motors on the lower part of the chair which give relief from leg muscle pain by tapping on it. The karate chop rollers contain many rollers to massage specific muscles by tapping.

In modern times many advanced robotic massage chairs have been developed. They contain much more functions and rollers that can move in multi directions. You can adjust the settings of the chair according to your choice and requirements. This type of roller is mainly used on the back of your body.

Benefits Of A Massage Chair

1. Improves Immune System

Our immune system is always working to protect our body from the attack of various diseases. Sometimes these immune system cells are affected by different diseases. A massage chair helps to boost up the immunity of our body by improving the immune system. It assists with many cellular functions to decrease the pressure of some specific parts.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

A massage chair provides massage by applying pressure, patting, and vibration on certain parts of the body. The movement of rollers in specific places will also give you relief from pain. This process of massage improves blood circulation and also helps to transfer oxygen along with blood in different body parts. As the brain gets sufficient oxygen so the brain will get relief from stress and increase the level of thinking ability. A healthy heart can be maintained due to good blood circulation.

3. Improves Cardiac Muscles Of Heart

Many researchers have proved that an effective massage is very helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels, blood levels which can reduce the possibility of heart diseases. It relaxes our body and mind from hypertension and maintains a proper heartbeat rate. It really can be much beneficial for cardiac surgery patients.

4. Reduces Inflammation Of Muscles

After doing physical work for a long time the muscles become sore and you feel tired. To remove inflammation of muscles you need to take a rest and relax your body. A massage chair will make this task much easier.

5. Improves Lymphatic System Condition

Regular massage for fifteen minutes will increase the rate of production of lymphocytes in our body. Lymphocytes protect against different diseases, viruses, and bacteria. It collects waste materials produced in the body and helps to release them from the body. It develops the immunity system and maintains the balance of the body.

6. Removes Headache And Pain

It has been practically proved that massage chair plays a vital role in decreasing muscle pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or headache. By giving a head massage the stress level of the cerebral cortex reduces and thus gives relief from headaches.

7. Saves From Internal Injury

In modern times, most of the people main busy with their everyday work and has no time to take care of their body. Doing heavy-duty work all day long can cause damage to bone and muscles. A proper massage can give you relief from inflammation and pain in your muscles. This decreases the rate of damage and aids to improve your body.

8. Provides Better Digestion

The digestive system gets improved along with proper blood circulation and secretion of juices that help in our digestion. These juices make sure the proper breakdown of foods and ensure that are nicely processed. After digestion, the massage improves the flow of nutrition so that it can reach all the organs of the body.

9. Better Relaxation

A massage chair helps to produce endorphin hormone by muscular compression. This hormone reduces the stress of your body, mind and keeps you healthy. Some of the chairs provide massage vibration which enhances your relaxation benefits.

10. Improves Workability

To reduce inflammation of muscles massage chair helps to reduce the production of cytokines. Massage accelerated the workability of mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells. It supplies energy to different parts of the body so that the organs can get the energy to perform their specific functions. Massage increases the efficiency of the body and thus helps to perform more work.

11. Decreases Anxiety

It is proved that massage therapy is very beneficial in recovering stress and anxiety. An effective massage keeps the blood pressure normal, maintains the excretion of hormones and oxygen flow through blood in body parts.

12. Improves Mental Health Condition

Many people suffer from varieties of diseases and some people may not even recover from diseases after doing the treatment. The patient suffers from mental pressure and badly wants to get relief from it. A massage chair provides immediate relief by giving massage on the body. It improves the immune system and provides the necessary mental strength to fight against diseases.

13. Improves Innovation

Massage therapy relaxes our body by removing stress so it also increases our thinking ability. You will be able to adapt to new ideas and scan solve critical problems within less period.

14. Gives Relief From Depression

Depression has become a common problem in modern life. From teenagers to old people all suffer from this dangerous mental problem. People cannot concentrate on their work, on their study or their family members and thus the mental condition goes on decreasing. At this moment a massage chair works as a life savior. It can give you relief from depression by massaging your body. It releases hormones like dopamine, serotonin, endorphin to reduce the depression level of your mind.

15. Provides Better Sleep

Massage chairs relax your body by removing stress, tension, and pain which are the main barriers to sound sleep. Even if you suffer from various deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease, and other physical problems the massage therapy keeps your mind away from any type of tension so that you can enjoy a sound sleep. The massage enhances the production of endorphin which is later converted into the sleeping hormone. This will make you sleepy and will help you to enjoy a sound sleep.

16. Boosting Up Mood

Massage therapy in different parts of the body helps to secrete natural hormones that remove stress and relax our body and mind. An appropriate massage gives you a comfortable and satisfying feeling.

You can see this video from Horizons Health to know more about these benefits:

Video Source: Horizons Health’s Youtube Channel

Does A Massage Chair Have Medical Benefits?

Yes, a massage chair has many medical benefits. A massage chair helps to improve our immune system, blood circulation, lymphatic system condition, cardiac muscles of the heart, etc. It can also reduce inflammation of muscles, remove headaches, pain, and also save us from internal injury.

Are Massage Chairs Good For You?

You can get massage therapy at home privately without any person to person interaction. If you have a massage chair at home then, you can get a massage whenever you wish. You do not need to go outside and so it saves your both money and time.

A Massage chair plays a crucial role in elevating back pain, improving blood circulation along with lymphatic circulation. Good blood circulation helps to reach oxygen containing blood and nutritional elements to all body parts.

Whereas lymphatic circulation plays an important role in releasing toxic chemicals from our body. It improves the immunity system of our body and thus keeps us healthy. An effective massage removes back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, and headache. It releases happy hormones that keep us happy and the mind fresh. It relaxes our body by losing tight and strained muscles.

It releases endorphin chemicals that make us feel good and relaxed. A massage removes our stress, tension and improves flexibility, workability, and creativity.

Are Massage Chairs Good For Your Back?

Yes, the massage chair is really helpful in decreasing back pain magically. One of the most common pains among people is back pain. With the increase of our age, our bone density decreases and tends to bend our spine sometimes. It becomes hard to lead a life depending only on medicine because taking too many medicines is harmful to our health. The painkiller medicines have very bad effects on our organs and sometimes it may cause kidney failure.

Medicines remove pain only for a while but it does not remove pain for life long. Without doing any benefits taking a lot of medicines may ruin other organs of our body. At this moment massage chair works as a life savior without having any negative effects on your body.

Massage is the most effective way of reducing upper and lower back pain and refraining our spine from bending by applying massage to various body parts and maintaining blood circulation, blood pressure, and proper spinal alignment.

Most of the modern massage chair features zero gravity. The main function of zero gravity is to reduce the pressure on the spine by offering a relaxing massage. This helps to secrete lactic acid, lose sore muscles, and release toxic chemicals from the body. It applies little pressure or vibration at the back to reduce the pain. It balances the overall distribution of bones of the skeletal system. Low back pain allows you to stress your body and bend your body while doing different tasks.

Negative Effects Of A Massage Chair

Though a massage chair has many benefits, it has some disadvantages also.

You must know all the functions of the chair properly and know how to use it correctly. Wrong way of using it can cause a bad impact on your body. Without giving relief from pain it can worsen the injury. So you must have a proper idea about its procedure.

You cannot use a massage chair as an alternative to an office chair, study chair, or gaming chair. You must use a massage chair while taking a massage from it and that is also only for 15 minutes.

Overuse of massage chairs is also harmful to your health. If you don’t do proper time management, you may feel pain in the muscles of the neck, back, shoulder or leg. You may face some circulatory issues due to incorrect pressure and vibration. The soft skin and weak muscles may get injured due to improper massage. People with low blood pressure may face problems while using it. The high-pressure settings have a chance to fracture your bone. So you need to adjust the settings properly and should also be careful while using recliners.


A peaceful mind and body help you to enjoy a better life. A Massage chair recovers our body from different illnesses, injuries, and anxiety. It is the solution to a large number of problems. You must choose a premium quality massage chair according to your demand and desired features. You must know the proper way of using it and also follow the procedure to get the best result. If you have any type of early medical issue then I highly suggest you to consult a doctor before using the chair.

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