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6 Best Massage Chairs For A Short Person (With Buying Guidelines)

It is really hard to find a compatible massage chair for petite persons. Most of the massage chairs have rollers and airbags at fixed places that are only fit for persons of fixed height. Due to limited options, you won’t be able to customize the rollers according to your need.

The production and availability of small massage chairs for a shorter adult are comparatively lesser. That’s why sometimes you may get a massage chair of your budget but it won’t fit with you. As I am here to make a list of the best massage chairs for short persons, so you have nothing to worry about.

Best Massage Chair For Short Persons (Updated List)

I have done an extensive research to find the best compact massage chairs and thankfully succeeded. The massage chairs that I am going to list will also offer automatic body scanning, customized rollers, airbags, heater, auto massage programs, Bluetooth, zero gravity, extended footrest, and so on. So, let’s dig into the deep.

1. BOSSCARE Massage Chair With Zero Gravity Airbag Massage

BOSSCARE Massage Chair With Zero Gravity Airbag Massage

Bosscare massage chair is highly comfortable for people who have a height from 5.3 feet to 6.1 feet. It provides quality massages to your entire body parts and gives relaxation. The chair is functional and has a handsome look. It has the capacity of holding 260 pounds or 118 kg weight. Let’s see what is special in this chair: 

Massaging Entire Body: This massage chair has a full body massage system as it is incorporated with 8 massage points with 14 massage balls. These points will cover up your neck, shoulder, back, and waist to provide a fantastic massage session.

Six auto massage modes allow you to enjoy different types of massage. So, just set up your favorite mode and have a blissful massage session. You can also make your massage more customized by selecting the intensity level. You can also adjust footrests up to 6.2 inches which will help you to sit comfortably and enjoy the leg massage. 

Components: The main material of this massage chair is faux leather which is amazingly comfortable to sit on. The faux leather is also completely safe for the users.

Other Features: The feet airbag provides an awesome foot massage. Massaging on legs, shoulders, hip is also super easy in this recliner with the help of the leg airbag, shoulder airbag, and hip airbag. Back heat therapy can be used in severe cold weather and don’t forget, this heat therapy is also fruitful for reducing back pain. 

Zero gravity mode allows you to sit in a relaxed position to reduce the burden of your heart and helps you to feel weightless. There has also an arrangement of Bluetooth speakers so that you can enjoy your favorite music while using your chair.

What I Like:

  • Full body massage with auto massage modes
  • Heat can be increased up to 45°C
  • Perfect for both short persons & tall persons
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Contains maximum airbags massage coverage
  • The wheel at the back make the movement of the chair much easier

What I Don’t Like:

  • You can’t adjust the width of the chair
  • Not perfect for heavy guys

Reasons To Pick This One: To be very specific, this small massage recliner is completely fit for short persons. Besides, it comes with different massage modes with 3 levels of intensities which are easily accessible. There is also an arrangement of giving heat treatment at the back and this is quite useful especially in winter. And I have already mentioned the other features above. So, this chair is worthy to secure its place in my list.

Final Verdict: To buy this elegant zero gravity massage chair you have to spend around 1000 bucks. The features you’re going to get with this chair are amazing at this price. So, I suggest you purchase this one if you have a height between 5.3 to 6.1 feet.

2. iRest SL Track Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

iRest SL Track Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Is it surprising to keep the iRest massage chair on this list? Well, It may be a bit because I had enlisted this massage chair for taller people also in my other post. But why is it here? Because the chair offers computerized body scanning functionality which enables people of every height group to enjoy a deep massage at the right body parts. It has some other features like zero gravity, adjustable width, full-body airbags massage, foot massage, auto massage modes, lower back heating, Bluetooth speaker, etc.

Full Body Airbags Massage: If you want a superior full body massage, then iRest is more than capable of doing this. The airbags of the massage chair provide air pressure in the shoulders, calves, arms, feet, and waist areas. You will get different auto massage modes with 3 intensity options to control your session.

Foot massage is also available. The calf rest frame of this chair can be extended up to 20 cm to ensure the people of different heights can have a blissful massage session. This chair has intelligent mechanical massage hands which can perform different massage actions like professionals.

Lower Back Heating: This chair can increase the temperature up to 40°C-50°C. The raised temperature is warm enough to relieve coldness. This heating therapy improves blood circulation and also alleviates lower back pain. This heat is far better than mild heat provided by some other recliners.

Adjustable Width & Automatic Body Scanning: This SL track (more advanced than S track or L track) massage chair allows the massage rollers to go down up to the thighs. This makes the massage more close-fitting and gives extra ease to your back. Moreover, It can scan your whole body parts (height, shoulder, spine) and makes the massage more customized and individual by adjusting the roller in the right position.

What I Like:

  • Has zero gravity feature for reducing heart pressure and improving blood circulation
  • Eight auto massage modes
  • Intensive airbags massage
  • Lower back heat function
  • Extendable footrest
  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • 3 years warranty

What I Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t have thai stretching but advertised
  • Chaining the settings on the remote needs to be more quicker

Reasons To Pick This One: Right body positioning is the most important part while buying a massage chair for shorter adults. Not every time a compact chair will do the rest. Automatic body scanning along with the adjustable width system of this chair is able to set the rollers and airbags at the proper place so that you can have a better massage.

Final Verdict: iRest SL Track Massage Chair provides intense massage and powerful warm heating. It also has some quality features to make the massage comfy. So, if you can extend your budget up to $2000, this massage recliner can be the best option.

3. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch wholebody 7.1 massage chair is a gorgeous recliner for its high-quality features and dashing look. These quality features are specially designed for providing a better experience to petite persons. Some of the special features include 3D flexGlide technology, warm air technology, rejuvenating body programs, swivel base, etc.

Auto Massage Programs: The five auto massage programs include lower, upper, full, relax, and sleep massage allowing you to have pleasure from head to toe. You can simply select the programs and intensities of your choice. 

3D FlexGlide & Figure Eight Technology: The therapeutic massage from 3D orbital system massagers will provide you pinch and friction-free massage experience. FlexGlide technology allows you to enjoy seamless glides to make your session more practical & entertaining. And the figure-eight technology provides wave-like motion to improve blood circulation. This feature works from your calves and goes upper gradually.   

Full Body Selective Massage: The BodyMap pro option helps you to get massages on your specific body parts. So, either you can enjoy the whole body massage or only the selected areas where you need the massage most. You can also make the massage more customized by combining 3 stationary massage techniques and a gliding massage together.   

Good For Stress Relief: The massage you will get from this chair is satisfactory as it has some core advanced features. Additionally, the warm air technology that supplies warm air in lower back parts to reduce back pain. So, stress and anxiety will go away.

Design: The swivel base can rotate at 55 degrees which will help you to choose the suitable angle while reclining. The chair looks elegant and perfectly suits your home and office. Three colors are available and you can select anyone from them.

What I Like:

  • Comes with five auto massage programs
  • Massage can be provided in specific areas
  • 3D orbital massage technology
  • Seamless glide provides massage without friction
  • Warm air massage technology gives good heat therapy
  • Retractable Foot and Calf Massager

What I Don’t Like:

  • Sometimes the temperature of warm air can be a little bit higher
  • No Bluetooth function

Reasons To Pick This One: Petite persons have smaller physiques and lighter weights. As this massage chair is not too long, it will be the right option for them. I have already mentioned the features that the chair is providing. These modern features have also inspired me to keep the chair on my list.

Final Verdict: Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 massage chair is incredibly fit for those who have both small height and a medium budget. If you want to enjoy a custom massage with so many other facilities, you must go for it.

4. Bilitok Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

Bilitok Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

This chair has recently been introduced by Bilitok. It is now the most popular recliner in the market. There are some reasons behind its popularity. The chair provides configurable full body massage with zero gravity features and many other massage options. Most importantly, it is cheap. No matter if you are a short-height person or tall, it fits all.

Massage Modes & Whole Body Massage: The chair comes with 5 preset automatic massage modes to choose from and a remote to control the appropriate massage mode, strength, and other options. 8 fixed rollers on the back and 3 layers of airbags on hips, calves, arms, shoulders, and feet give you a quality massage to get relief from anxiety and depression. And the zero-gravity option will lift up your feet higher than your heart to make you feel weightless.

Built-in Waist Heater: A built-in waist heater generates heat and raises the temperature to give heat therapy. The heat therapy will improve the blood circulation on the waist and give you the support to reduce pain.  

Other Features: The Bluetooth function allows you to enjoy your favorite music and makes massages more relaxing. So, you will never feel bored.

The rolling wheel at the bottom makes the movement of this heavy chair much effortless. The retractable footrest can be extended to give the opportunity to different sized people to have a good massage session.

The whole chair will be divided into two parts while packaging and also comes with two different boxes. You just need to combine them. It will take only 15-20 minutes.

What I Like:

  • Full body massage chair comparatively at an affordable price
  • Various massage options with zero gravity reclining feature
  • Built-in heater promotes blood circulation
  • A tablet remote helps to control the settings
  • Easy to install and move
  • Can be a gift item

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not space saving
  • Can have more airbags

Reasons To Pick This One: This chair comes with exciting features along with the ability to handle people of all sizes. But if you are under 5 feet, you may feel discomfort while using this chair. Then you have to go for the other massage chairs on my list instead of this one.

Final Verdict: In summary, if your height is medium (5′3″- 5′8″), searching for the best value massage chair, the Bilitok must take the place on your priority list. Most importantly, this new arriving chair provides quality service.

5. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

The core features of the Smagreho massage chair are the reason why it is on my list. Some of them include whole-body massage, waist heating, zero gravity reclining feature, foot roller massage, Bluetooth, extended footrest, etc. Moreover, the chair is compact and space-saving. Let me discuss this in detail.    

Rollers and Airbags: Eight rollers positioned at the back and neck provide deep massage. These rollers are arranged at fixed points to cover up the waist, neck, and back massage thoroughly. There are also twenty airbags placed on the shoulder, arm, buttock, leg, sole to serve a full body massage. The rollers and airbags work combinedly and end up with a successful massage session. Six preset auto massage modes can provide massage according to the user’s specific needs. Choosing these modes with the controller remote is super easy and doesn’t require any previous experience.   

Heat Therapy: Heating therapy is also available. You can use massaging and heating separately or combine them together. The heat therapy at the feet & back improves blood circulation and relaxes your body, mind, and soul.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair: The zero gravity option lifts feet higher than the heart and makes you feel weightless while reclining. This process reduces the pressure on the heart. It makes your body so relaxed that you may fall asleep.

Design: Overall, the chair is good to look at. Skin-friendly high-grade synthetic leather is used to avoid skin irritation. To make the arm more comfortable there is an arm set linkage system design.

Foot Roller Massage: You may not see too many massage chairs at this budget range offering foot massage. The chair has a foot roller to provide foot massage which is incredible. The footrest can be extended up to 5 inches to make the massage set up more accurate.

What I Like:

  • Strong, sturdy & durable faux leather
  • A good number of rollers and airbags ensure full body massage
  • Lower back heating therapy
  • Bluetooth with two speakers
  • Foot massage available
  • Easy to control

What I Don’t Like:

  • Shoulder massage is not up to the mark
  • Weight capacity can be increased

Reasons To Pick This One: This ergonomic massage chair is engineered with many innovative features at a budget-friendly price. Adjustable features enable the users to do necessary customizations and make every session more personalized.

Final Verdict: Budget under $1000 and height is over 5′5″? Then don’t need to look further. Pick this massage chair and have pleasant massage sessions.

6. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Massage Recliner

Mcombo Electric Power Lift Massage Recliner

Mombo Electric Power Lift Recliner is an excellent massage chair with heat for short elderly people who have been suffering from chronic back pain. This heating recliner is also suitable for people under 5′5″. This massage chair offers some quality features to make your refreshing time enjoyable. Let’s find out the functions they are providing.

Full Body Vibration Massage: This chair has eight vibrating nodes to make a good massage on your whole body parts. You can simply control this vibration level with the corded remotes. The vibration you are going to get is mild. So if you are thinking of getting intense vibration from your recliner, then stop here and jump to the other recliners.

Lumbar Heating: Mcombo 7040 Electric Power Lift Recliner has one lumbar heating point to produce adequate heat for users. The heat will not be that much warmer. Both the vibration and heating capacity of the chair are not intensive but adequate. This heating function is good enough to recover from back pain. So, if you like mild heating and vibration, then collect this massage chair and it will do the rest.

Power Lift Assistance: There have two buttons on the remote to adjust lifting. So, by pressing these buttons you can easily set up your comfortable reclining position. The counter-balanced lift mechanism along and TUV certified actuator helps the chair lift without giving the users any extra pressure. So that means your massage session will be more controlled and entertaining.

USB Charging Port & Storage Area: You will get a couple of cup holders and side pockets in this recliner allowing you to store small items. You can also charge your devices by using the USB charging port which is incorporated with this chair.

High Quality & Easy Control: This massage chair is made of high-quality faux leather which makes the recliner more comfortable. This top-class faux leather is more durable and easy to clean. As it is easy to control and operate so you don’t need any technical assistance or support while using the chair.

What I Like:

  • Best for short elderly people who need mild vibration massage and heating
  • Heating and vibration can be used separately
  • Fulfills ASTM standards for recliners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reclining angle 140°
  • Good technical support

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not perfect for intense heat and massage

Reasons To Pick This One: This recliner is a good option for those who want light massage instead of deep massage. You’ve also looked at the features I’ve detailed here. Besides, this reclining chair is very effective and comfortable for petite people as it is small in size.

Final Verdict: Mcombo electric power lift recliner is a great combination of massage and heat. So, if you have less budget and want mild heating on your back to relieve pain, then this recliner is for you.

Buying Guide

Buying guidelines

You can get a chair within your budget but it may not go perfectly with your stature. So, you won’t get that much benefit. That’s frustrating. For this reason, you must consider the following points before investing your money. Let me discuss them below.

Size Of The Massage Chair

As you are searching for a massage chair for shorter adults, it is important to consider the size of the massage chair. Not all the fixed rollers and airbags equipped chairs are suitable. In most cases, people ranging from 5 feet to 6 feet can have a good massage using compact massage chairs available on the market.

Auto Body Scanning Mechanism & Adjustable Width   

If you’ve already used a mini massage chair & felt discomfort, then the chairs with an automatic body detecting mechanism can solve your issue. In my list, the iRest SL track massage chair allows a computerized body scanning mechanism. This system can detect your body parts separately and place the rollers in the right place. So, this type of chair is effective for people of different heights. Adjusting weight feature moves the airbag closer to the body & makes massage blissful.  

Places Of Applying Massage

You desire to massage the most demanded areas of your body such as the shoulder, back, hip, leg, etc. Most of the massage chairs I’ve mentioned come with a full body massage function along with foot and leg massage. Some of them have the function to select the specific areas to provide targeted massage separately to give relief from pain and stress. You may choose from them.

Rollers Of The Massage Chair

Various rollers are available to massage by penetrating at different levels. Each roller has different functions to provide massage more precisely and accurately. Let me introduce them.

2D rollers: This roller comes with a traditional design and provides massage on the surface of the muscles. It doesn’t penetrate deep inside the muscles and also doesn’t apply much pressure to your body. 

3D rollers: It is the most popular roller used in many popular massage chairs. It massages your body with much pressure by penetrating deep inside your muscles. 

4D rollers: This is an advanced type of roller that provides massage with the deepest level of penetration and with much pressure. It can penetrate much deep inside your tissue, muscles and can hit your body at different angles.


Almost all the massage chairs come with airbags at the back, shoulder, neck, and feet to provide massage by pumping air at those areas. The number of airbags may vary from chair to chair. In general, a good massage chair has 10-25  airbags. It applies pressure on your muscles that increases blood circulation of your body and gives you relief from stress. Airbags are amazingly helpful and don’t do any harm, so there is nothing to worry about. If you have any doubt about its workability, then give it a try with low intensity and make your decision. 

Heat Therapy

The advanced chairs can apply heat therapy on the waist of your body in order to give relief from back pain. Heat therapy also makes the massage more effective, improves blood circulation, decreases inflammation of muscles, and gives relief from severe muscle pain.

Auto Massage Programs

Most of the massage chairs have preset or automatic programs and modes that can be adjusted according to your choice. You can also adjust the intensity of rollers and airbags according to your need. When starting, you need to become accustomed to less intensity. Then increase the intensity level gradually.   

Zero Gravity Function

Zero gravity function is one of the most common features of modern massage chairs. This recline option can be activated by a single touch. It will lift up your body at an angle that will decrease your heartbeat rate. This will boost the blood circulation, make the massage more effective and help you to recline without feeling the body weight. 


Price is the most important factor while buying such an expensive product. A massage chair costs around $500 to $10000. But the chairs I described in this post cost $700-$2000. So, they are cheap.

Difference Between The Massage Chairs Of Short And Tall Person

Difference Between The Massage Chairs Of Short And Tall Person
  • People having stature from 5 feet to 6 feet can easily rely on mini massage chairs. Whereas people having height from 6.1 feet to 6.5 feet can comfortably sit on large chairs.
  • The rollers of a small massage chair are placed according to the height of short persons. Vice versa for large persons.
  • Compact massage chair contains one level zero gravity. Whereas a big massage chair contains three level zero gravity in most of the cases.
  • The footrest of a compact massage chair can be extended up to 5 inches (maximum). But the footrest of big massage chair can be extended up to 8 inches.
  • Small recliners recline at smaller angles. Whereas big recliners recline at larger angles.
  • The airbags of small massage chairs are designed according to the height of petite people. Whereas the airbags of big massage chairs are designed according to the height of large people.


Is It Important To Buy A Massage Chair According To Your Stature?

Yes, height is a very important part to consider while buying a massage chair. Massage chairs are mainly designed according to the average height and weight of a person. So, they’re not fit for all.

Do All Massage Chairs Fit Short Persons?

No. Compact massage chairs are highly suitable for short persons as they are designed specifically for petite persons. But the massage chairs featured with automatic body scanning may be the best choice for them.

My Height Is Less Than 5 Feet. Can I Use These Chairs?

Well, if you are under 5 feet, these chairs won’t fit you. But you still can use them by doing a few manual customizations. Keep a cushion or pillow on the seat and sit over it. Make sure the rollers and airbags are positioned in the right place. Then enjoy the massage.

Why Are Mini Massage Chairs Difficult To Find?

Most of the massage chair brands produce average or larger sized chairs & also keep the option of extending the footrest so that users can sit comfortably. But, unfortunately, the production of mini massage chairs is lesser. That’s why they’re hard to find.


I’ve made a list of 6 massage chairs to assist you to find the best massage chair for short persons. The list is done after doing extensive research. Hopefully, you will get the right small massage chair from the list. But make sure to look at the features and buying guides before making your decision. Please keep in mind that a wrong choice of a massage chair can waste huge bucks.     

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