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6 Best Massage Chairs For A Tall Person (With Buying Guidelines)

It is a very challenging task to find the perfect fit massage chair for a large person. Particularly when you have a tight or mid-range budget. You will receive all of the useful and necessary features within that budget, but the massage chair may not fit you or the rollers may not be properly placed for your height. Because most chairs will offer you fixed rollers and limited options in customization.

But don’t worry because I’ve explored the industry and discovered the best massage chairs for tall persons which are more customizable and flexible. The chairs I’ve listed include auto body scan, multiple reclining options, footrest extension, and many more other exciting features. Let’s get into the meat of the matter.

Best Massage Chairs For A Tall Person (Updated List)

This section belongs to the market toppers in taller people’s chairs. You may think about what criteria make them the best! First and foremost, they have larger dimensions than others. Users with heights greater than 6 feet have reviewed that these products suit them nicely while also providing essential massage. Let’s dig a little deeper.

1. iRest Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Thai Stretch

iRest Zero Gravity Massage Chair with Thai Stretch

As it has an automatic body detecting mechanism, iRest is a better alternative for taller persons. Message rollers are frequently not positioned in accordance with the pressure points of big persons, resulting in a poor and ineffective massage. As a fact, this chair is equipped with the latest technology that scans your body and recognizes your height, spine, and shoulders. Then place the massage rollers on actual pressure points based on your height and size.

Alongside it features a 3 level zero-gravity recline system, which is extremely useful for large people. The chair is reclined to zero gravity so that your legs remain elevated above your heart. This provides more comfortable accommodation, lessens the workload on the heart, and increases circulation. There is also a footrest that can be extended by up to 8 inches. You’ve got longer legs? You won’t have any problems because you’ll have a longer footrest.

The backrest, on the other hand, has an S-shaped massaging mechanism with three adjustable width settings. You will get a wonderful massage from your neck to your lower back with this adjustable roller width. The chair has an SL track for tall persons since they have huge body portions. The SL track is a combo of the S and L tracks that targets a wide range of muscle groups. It incorporates an auto-detect linkage armrest for proper massage of your longhand.

Along with these benefits, the iRest also has a full-body airbag massage with 6 automatic preset massage modes. A heater is located on the backrest to increase the effectiveness of the massage. A built-in Bluetooth speaker is also available to provide you with a soul-calming massage. You will receive a 3-year warranty as well as the option to return it within 30 days if any issue is detected.

What I Like:

  • Auto body scan technology
  • Three level zero gravity angled reclining option
  • 20 cm extended footrest
  • Fully automated head to toe massage

What I Don’t Like:

  • Rollers provide a hard massage so you can’t sit for too long doing roller massage
  • Osteoporosis patients need to be cautious using the chair

Reasons To Pick This One: To be very specific, the length and height of the chair are greater than most other chairs. As a result, large persons fit better in it when it reclines in zero gravity. The body scan technology can detect your massage locations and place the roller exactly where you want it. That’s why there is no chance of the massage rollers not fitting well for a large body. The SL track improves the efficiency of the body scan. The last and best selection cause is the 8-inch extendable footrest to set your long legs in more comfort.

Final Verdict: As you can see above, iRest is quite comfortable and well-suited to taller people, it would be a great choice. There are also other crucial and latest features to provide you with the perfect massage. So, if you choose the chair, you will have a fantastic session that will allow you to thoroughly relax while also providing you with a high level of comfort.

2. Kahuna L-Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna L-Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna LM-6800 is legit for taller persons as it offers so many qualities that are beneficial to them. Starting with a zero-gravity feature that reclines in 3 levels and creates perfect space for those people who are longer than six feet. Not only provides you comfortable accommodation but also distributes your weight across the chair, making you feel virtually weightless. This helps you reduce joint discomfort and stress, preparing body muscles for harder massage.

The chair includes L track massage rollers that cover all the way from the neck to the upper hamstring. Since you are tall, massage rollers may not fit in line with your body’s pressure points. That is where smart body detection technology comes into play. This new generation feature incorporates L track rollers; first, scan your body to discover the massage points, then allocate the rollers based on your height. Which results in a comfortable and effective massage.

Now that you have proper and comfortable positioning, let’s look at other features it offers. The chair has six auto programs and several unique modes, including Yoga-Stretching and SH-Chiro. All of these programs have a 30-minute timer. In those preset modes, you will receive a total body massage, or you can adjust the setting and assign the airbags and rollers to specific places. A waist heater is also added to enhance the massage effect. Nonetheless, all parts, labor, and structural framework are covered by a three-year warranty.

What I Like:

  • Smart Body scan technology with L track rollers
  • Full body massage with adjustable setting
  • Three zero gravity reclining levels
  • Multiple special massage modes
  • Extra foot padding and Double-layered airbags

What I Don’t Like:

  • Foot rollers press a bit harder
  • You may not find the installation process easier

Reasons To Pick This One: With the advanced features, Kahuna delivers some extra advantages for large people. The intelligent body detecting function, in association with the L track rollers, determines accurate pressure points and massages accordingly. As a result, having a bigger physique will not prevent you from getting an effective massage. People having a good height can fit comfortably in sitting and reclining postures thanks to greater proportions. Extra foot padding is a plus as well to pick it.

Final Verdict: If you are roughly 6 feet, you will fit perfectly in this chair. In addition, a heater is placed both on the back and legs, which are the areas where we experience the most pain. As a result, you will get better pain relief in this chair. There are also two unique massages that will offer you even more relaxation. Now, make the choice according to your preferences.

3. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real Relax is known for providing high-quality features and health benefits at an affordable price. Real Relax includes a variety of features designed specifically for taller people to ensure that the chair fits them pleasantly. Starting from the bottom, the chair includes an extensible footrest that can be extended up to 5 inches. So, your long legs should fit comfortably as they get extra space. Then the chair has both the airbags and rollers placed on your legs to provide you relief from pain.

However, the chair has a zero-gravity feature that allows you to recline in a great position so that your entire body fits comfortably in the chair. The zero gravity position helps to relieve tension and heart burden while also improving blood flow. It is also beneficial for pain relief. Along with giving you comfortable seating, it has also included a combination of an S track roller and a waist heater to help you ease your back pain.

Despite the fact that the S track does not cover as much land as the L or SL tracks, it will provide significant back pain relief when combined with heating in the zero gravity position. Besides your legs and back, It also provides options for shoulder, arm, neck, and hips treatment. That indicates you’re going to have a full-body massage. You will have 6 auto massage programs to choose from. Or else you can customize the setting based on your needs with a smart controller.

What I Like:

  • Inbuilt heater on the back and foot
  • 5 inches extendable footrest 
  • Zero gravity reclining function
  • In-built Bluetooth speaker
  • Full body massage with preset and customizable programs

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not recommended for small height people
  • Rollers on some points may feel hard

Reasons To Pick This One: Taller persons have a larger physique, resulting in a heavier weight than people of normal height. This chair can accommodate users with a height of 6′1″ and weighing up to 400 lbs. This means taller people have better compatibility in this chair. There are also two more features; a 5-inch footrest extension and a well-spaced zero gravity reclining function work great in favor of them.

Final Verdict: People who are 6′1″ and have a limited budget can give it a try. There aren’t many chairs that include a Bluetooth speaker along with such incredible features at this price, and most importantly, fit your height. Also, this is one of the best zero gravity massage chairs for a tall person at a cheaper price.

4. Ugears B-L1 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Ugears B-L1 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Ugears is a smart massage chair under $2000 that has numerous modern functions and is suitable for taller persons. It features zero gravity with 3 reclining options so that you have more space and a more comfortable fit. You stay in a comfortable position while using the zero gravity feature, which helps to improve circulation and metabolism. It also helps you with stress, muscle fatigue, and pain. The reclining settings allow you to fit well in the chair.

The fact that you are sitting comfortably does not guarantee that the massage rollers will fit your pressure areas. But don’t worry, Ugears has an auto body scanner to help you solve this problem. It recognizes your body’s actual pressure points and adjusts the rollers and airbags accordingly. As a result, you will always receive a proper and effective massage. This function is implemented to the entire body. As a result, all you have to do is turn on the chair, sit back, and enjoy the massage. Height won’t be an issue if you’re 6′2″ or less.

This Massage Chair features an SL track that massages from the head to the buttocks. S track rollers massage the neck and lower back more deeply. The L track is the wider version of the S track but goes straight down from head to lower back. Since you are a large person, your physique may be large as well. However, an SL track will provide the proper coverage. As it has in-built heating on the lower back, the back receives even better treatment and pain relief.

What I Like:

  • Dual heater on lower back reduce pain even quickly
  • Three Zero gravity stages for more reclined space and relaxation
  • Auto body scanner adjusts rollers according to the body
  • SL track covers a wide area of the body

What I Don’t Like:

  • Bluetooth connection is not suitable for iPhone 12
  • Airbags press a bit harder

Reasons To Pick This One: There are several vital facts that encourage me to pick Ugears for tall individuals. See the dimensions of the product that how great they are to accommodate larger people. Then there is an auto body scan mechanism that helps those larger bodies to get an effective massage on proper massage points. The rollers are implemented in a wider range of areas as it has an SL track. And not to forget about Zero gravity with 3 levels reclining option and 30 days return policy with full money back.

Final Verdict: Hardworking people with 6′1″-6′3″ height who needs an intense massage too often, this chair would be a good option for them. B-L1 is quite good at relieving tension, back pain, and muscle fatigue, as well as providing a great deal of relaxation.

5. Luraco i7 PLUS Chocolate Brown Medical Massage Chair

Luraco i7 PLUS Chocolate Brown Medical Massage Chair

The Luraco i7 is a high-tech medical massage chair with a maximum height of 6′7″. As a result, large persons will undoubtedly feel more at ease when using the chair. Because of its wider width of 38 inches, the chair is very effective and appropriate for accommodating and getting a proper massage for large people. The best thing is that there is an auto body scan technology that can identify the exact pressure points no matter how large your size is.

You will get a variety of massage programs with varying speeds and intensities. All of the programs are designed to provide you with a full-body, head-to-toe massage. A smart handheld touch-screen can also be used to control and customize the settings and programs. You can have up to 5 customized massage settings for yourself or each member of your family. The 3D robotic massage is an extremely effective and relaxing massage that can range from super light to super hard depending on your needs.

The chair is equipped with so many advanced technologies, including 7-language voice commands, next-gen irobotics, and a manual massage setting with noise reduction technology. As a result, you can activate your setting with a voice command and receive your massage without making any distracting noises. Body stretching, dual roller foot massage, 3-layer calf massage, and heat therapy are all very excellent massage features that will make you completely relaxed, stress-free, comfortable, and pain-free.

What I Like:

  • Most comfortable accommodation for users
  • Next-Gen advanced technologies
  • Well contraction and sturdy components
  • Auto body detection
  • Bluetooth speaker with high sound quality
  • Voice command

What I Don’t Like:

  • There isn’t any actual hand massage rather, airbag pressure is used to massage the hands.
  • The cost of the massage chair does not match the quality and features it provides.

Reasons To Pick This One: This chair has a maximum height capacity of 6′7″ among the others. Furthermore, the seating surface is larger (38″) than any other chair on the list. As a result, taller individuals will have the optimum comfort and fit. Intelligent body detection will adjust the rollers and airbags to your size, and the high-tech massage functions will operate very well to provide you with an excellent massage.

Final Verdict: If you don’t have any budget restrictions, this could be a good option. This chair will provide you with the most comfortable accommodation possible, as well as a variety of advanced features.

6. FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair

FAVOLCANO is a good massage chair for those on a small budget. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speaker, it provides a full-body massage in a soul-calming environment. Six automatic preset routines are provided for the whole-body massage (with rollers and airbags combined). If you don’t want a complete body massage or only want to massage a specific body section, you will get a customizable setting option. This chair allows you to customize your body parts, speed, and strength levels.

However, it offers a variety of functions such as footrest extension and reclining options to accommodate tall persons comfortably. Favolcano comes with a footrest extension that expands up to 4.1 inches to accommodate longer legs. There is a zero-gravity feature that assists you on both sides of the equation by providing more space by reclining to fit you in as well as much-needed health benefits.

The zero-gravity feature puts you in a position where you can fully relax while increasing the work rate of your heart.  Blood circulation and metabolism are also improved, as stress and tension are reduced. A built-in waist heater works really well in conjunction with zero gravity, resulting in significant back pain relief. Overall, as a tall person, you fit in very comfortably from head to toe while receiving an effective massage and relief from stress, pain, and tension.

What I Like:

  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Waist heat therapy reduces back pain
  • Zero gravity recliner
  • Footrest extension 
  • Full body massage setting

What I Don’t Like:

  •  Shoulder massage doesn’t feel that much

Reasons To Pick This One: The wide space reclining, footrest extension, wider upright length, and superb massage programs are important factors that make this chair ideal for taller customers. As a result, they will enjoy better and more comfortable accommodations, as well as a complete body massage.

Final Verdict: Overall, for the price, there is nothing wrong with giving it a shot. You will get a complete body massage and, more importantly, seating comfortably. But, on the other hand, shoulder massage seems to be inadequate. Although, it is not an issue for you if you don’t require a strong massage on your shoulder.

Buying Guidelines

Buying Guidelines for Tall People

It’s a big concern for taller people whether the chair will fit for their height or not if they buy online. They might not have access or time to visit authorized showrooms and check out all things. So, they have to buy online. But people are confused because online products may not fit them. Today, that’s not a problem. If you buy online and the chair does not fit you, you can replace or return the product. 

But that is not the solution you want I think. Because everyone gets happy when they find what they want. That’s why being one of them, you need to keep some points into consideration to get the perfect fit massage chair.  Let’s see what factors you should consider:

Read Product Description

When you visit an e-commerce store make sure to read the product description very well. See whether there are any height and size recommendations mentioned or not. Recommended user height should be there along with the features. If there is not, avoid that chair.

User Height Concern

Sometimes body height completely fits the chair but neck rollers don’t. Let me explain to you. Suppose you are 6′5″. And your chair states that it is completely suitable for the height of 6′5″. Sounds great, right? But back rollers all the way to your neck part may not reach properly. So, you should make sure about the neck rollers otherwise get a neck massage pillow to get rid of the problem.

User Reviews And Customer Queries

Look for massage chairs with a good number of user reviews. Read all of the positive and bad feedback from customers who have used the chair. Examine the chair’s features and, in particular, what people are saying about its height. See the comments where people your height are saying the chair appears to be a good fit. 

Also, see the customer questions where people have queries about height, and sellers or users answer those questions. My listed products are well-reviewed backing up the height of any person.

Extended Footrest

Since you are a tall person, look for a chair with an extendable footrest. An extendable footrest may provide you with some extra inches beyond the basic height limit. I have listed some massage chairs for large people that have extended footrests and can be extended from 5 to 10 inches.

Size And Comfort

Taller persons tend to be heavier. As a result, you must select a chair that is both strong and capable of supporting your weight. Find a chair that can resist at least 300 pounds. Also, keep comfortability in mind. You should be properly seated in the chair, with your feet and head in a comfortable position.

Overall Recline Length

Look for the overall recline length along with the zero gravity reclining position. The reclining length should be perfect as your body height.  You must select a chair based on your height measurement. I can give you a rough idea that 66 to 72 inches may be a good fit for you.

49” L-track

While also decompressing each of your spines, the L-track trail is intended to support a large area from your neck to your buttocks. And 49 inches is the highest trail length available.

Body Scanning

One of the most important features to look for in massage chairs for tall people is body scanning. This feature scans your body and detects the pressure points of your body no matter what height and size you have. Then set the rollers according to your body shape. 


Check the specifications very well and find out the height limit, weight limit, reclining length, and other things. Compare them with your height and weight, then select the one best suits you. I suggest you choose 72″ x 36″ (L x H) or above for reclining dimensions. 

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is a kind of recline option with huge health benefits. It reclines in such a position that your feet and heart are in alignment with this feature, blood flow is improved and your heart rate remains stable. So, people can have two benefits out of the Zero gravity feature. 


Why Does Height Matter When One Chooses A Massage Chair?

According to my experience, most chairs comfortably fit people ranging in height from 5′3″ to 5′10/11″. So, if you are taller than this or above 6 feet, most chairs will not be suitable for you. As a result, massage rollers and airbags will not be put on your body at the right pressure points. And you will not receive an effective massage; rather, it will be quite uncomfortable for you and may harm you. Since taller people have longer legs, your feet may dangle at the end of the chair, resulting in an unpleasant position with no foot massage.

How Large Can Massage Chairs Be?

Basically, different massage chairs come in a variety of sizes. In general, a massage chair should have a seat width of roughly 32 inches, an interior width of 20 inches, and an upright height of 47 – 50 inches. A massage chair with these dimensions should be suitable for tall persons.

Do All Massage Chairs Fit Taller People?

No, not at all. Most massage chairs are designed for those under 6 feet and do not fit tall people adequately. That is why you should look for a chair that has higher height coverage. I’ve listed some of the best massage chairs for big and tall people that are comfortable for them. Check them out above.

Can I Receive A Replacement Or Return If The Chair Doesn’t Fit?

Yes, most massage chair brands include a 30-day return policy. If you discover that the chair is not ideal for your height or has any other flaws, you can contact the seller and request a replacement or return the chair for a full refund.

Does Zero Gravity Provide Any Benefit For Large Persons?

Zero gravity reclines in such a way that your feet and heart are in perfect alignment, resulting in a highly pleasant position. Furthermore, the zero-gravity feature has numerous health benefits.

Should I Use My Chair Daily?

Yes, if you are not performing a high-intensity massage. However, you should not use the chair on a daily basis. Massage chairs should be used for 15 to 20 minutes every session, no more than twice a day and no more than 4 to 5 days per week.


To assist you in your search for the best massage chair for tall people, I’ve created a list of the six massage chairs for big people over 6 feet or more. There are a variety of excellent massage functions on all of the chairs, which will help you relax more effectively. Read the buying guide again and look at all of the recommended chairs to see which one is the best fit for your height and has all the features you require before making a decision on which one to get.

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