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7 Best Massage Chairs Under $2000 (Updated List For 2022)

Tired of working all day and looking for a cure to relieve stress, pain, and depression? Then What could be more appropriate than a decent massage chair? Well, your query proves that you are ready to spend 2000 bucks for it. So, I have set myself back earlier, researched a lot and compared tons of massage chairs, and narrowed it down to the seven best massage chairs under $2000. Here is what they have to offer, as well as what you can expect if you continue reading.

In this article, I’ll detail the massage chairs’ quality, dimensions, and functions, what they are capable of, prons, cons everything so that you can determine which one is best for your budget and demands.

Best Massage Chairs Under $2000 (Updated List)

Frankly speaking, 2000$ is a pretty decent budget to get a massage chair that is well able to meet our needs and lasts longer. Taking into account the users’ needs, tastes, and desires, I’ve made a brief list of 7 massage chairs that offer the most bang for your buck. Let’s have a look at them.

1. UGEARS Zero Gravity SL Track Full-Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

UGEARS Zero Gravity SL Track Full-Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

UGEARS recently introduced the zero-gravity SL track full-body massage chair, one of the highest-rated massage chairs on the market. This zero gravity massage chair will assist you in promoting blood pressure, lowering joint pains, stress, and anxiety levels, as well as allowing your heart to relax more and work less. In general, UGEARS would be a better choice for a quite deep massage. Let’s dig in deep.

Zero Gravity: The function is mainly implemented to improve blood circulation and reduce the excessive workload of the heart, and also strengthens the immune system. Zero-gravity assists you in positioning your body in such a way that you feel completely relaxed, weightless, and can take and absorb more effectively.

SL Track: The SL track length is a combination of S and L tracks. This feature may extend the massage range from the neck to the lower body. But it may leave some points which are not necessary for everyone. However, the curve fits the spine and massages important muscle fiber.

Full Body Massage: This massage chair features 32 massage airbags strategically placed throughout the body, including the legs, arms, shoulders, hips, and feet. It automatically adjusts to the massage points on your body and provides massage accordingly. You can simply sit back and relax as the auto body scanner will automatically locate your massage points and align the airbags with them.

Space Saving: It fits in small spaces because it doesn’t recline much. So, you don’t have to have a big house to use this. Just make sure to keep 3 inches distance from the wall.

Heating Function: The heating function is included to improve overall body development. It warms your back, relaxes your body, and prepares you for a deeper massage. The airbags help muscles and joints recover quickly, relieve back pain and tension, and improve blood circulation.

Bluetooth Speaker: A sound system is attached to this chair so that while enjoying the massage, you can also enjoy the relaxing environment with your fav tracks.

Guarantee Policy: They offer a 12-month guarantee where you can return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations. For a full refund, you need to return the product within 30 days from the received date.

Note: You can’t use the Bluetooth sound system with the Iphone12.

The advantages of UGEARS Zero Gravity SL Track Full-Body Shiatsu Massage Chair are as follows:

  • This chair has an entire body massage system
  • It contains a heating device under the waist
  • It saves enough space in the room and can be used at home for indoor usage
  • Zero gravity position gives a weightless feeling
  • 21-inch internal seat width
  • Weight limit- 330 pounds

The disadvantages of UGEARS Zero Gravity SL Track Full-Body Shiatsu Massage Chair are as follows:

  • You may find the airbag massage a bit too strong
  • It can’t be used for the office place

Final Verdict: UGEARS Zero Gravity SL Track Full-Body Massage Chair is a superbly designed machine to ease your body and mind. It helps to remove your pain as well as relax you. If you need a deep heated massage to vanish your exhaustion and pains, this could be a nice pick.

2. iRest SL Track Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

iRest SL Track Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

The iRest SL Track Massage Chair is designed for a full-body massage. It is best for family use. iRest Massage Chair gives a detailed massage without missing any part of the body. It’s easy to use, has adjustable width. It’s very affordable in comparison with the functions. You will also get benefits in proper blood circulation, and heart rate. It relieves back and neck pain, as well as joint pain, and relieves tension and stress.

Body Scanning: The massage chair is equipped with an automatic body detection system that scans your body and determines your height, spine, and shoulder. Then it appoints the airbags to the points and massages the appropriate areas.

S Track System: An S-shaped massage structure with three width levels (wide, middle, and narrow) is included in the backrest. It was developed keeping human anatomy in mind as a design principle. With the help of the S track, you can get a great back massage in the area from your neck to your lower back.

Zero Gravity: One-click zero gravity gives you a comfortable reclining angle to enhance the massage’s effectiveness. It keeps your heart and knees parallel, allowing your heart rate to get normal and your body to relax even better. It will make you feel much lighter and improve your blood circulation that ultimately results in an effective session.

Extendable Footrest: This feature is especially useful for people who are taller than average. If the chair’s height is a little too short for you, there is an extendable footrest that can be extended up to 8 inches to make the chair more comfortable for you.

SL Track: In the SL design, the rails are space arched for extra length so that you can get the most out of your massage. Your spine and muscles will be more relaxed thanks to S track beneath the back of the chair. This feature elevates the chair to another level of quality and comfort.

Full-Body Airbag Massage: The chair includes a full-body airbag massage function placing airbags throughout the body. Airbags are positioned in the shoulder, back, hip, foot, arm, and leg to deliver a full-body massage and total relaxation.

Heating Function: This feature helps to lessen your back pain and promotes metabolism. It releases an infrared wavelength that balances with human body wavelength, and it creates energy. The human cell absorbs the energy and activates the cell to increase metabolism. This eventually provides you with a more refreshing massage and gets relief from stress and muscle fatigue.

Linkage Armrest: This feature is automatically adjusted based on the preferences of the user’s backrest position. Your hands and waist will get a good massage while maintaining a natural posture in this adjusted state.

Bluetooth Speaker: The Bluetooth system is equipped in the arm area of this chair. You can connect it to your phone and listen to your favorite music while getting a massage.

Guarantee: The chair comes along with a decent 3 years warranty service. So, you will get cost free repairing for three years from the day you received the chair.

The advantages of iRest SL Track Full Body Massage Chair Recliner are as follows:

  • Adjustability helps you use the chair comfortably according to your body size
  • Three level zero gravity angels for better relaxation
  • Fully automated chair with six auto massage
  • Good packaging
  • Multiple leg massage
  • Full body coverage

The disadvantages of iRest SL Track Full Body Massage Chair Recliner are as follows:

  • Not recommendable for people who have Osteoporosis
  • The rollers can be a little harsh

Final Verdict: The iRest SL track massage chair is easy to adjust. So if you are tall or short, it’ll automatically scan your body and adjust itself. If you’re finding a massage chair for just under $2000, this chair will perfectly meet your budget. Just feel relaxed!

3. BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner With Zero Gravity

BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner With Zero Gravity

BILITOK is a multifunctional intelligent massage chair with numerous massage modes. This chair features an extendable footrest alongside rollers and airbags for a full-body massage. Additionally, it features a smart remote control to customize options. You can either enjoy a fully automated massage or customize your massage according to your needs.

Built-In Heater: The proper temperature of the built-in waist heater improves blood circulation and relieves you from an exhausting day. The built-in heater warms your back and relieves fatigue while also allowing fast recovery of joints and muscles.

Multifunctional Massage: The massage chair has five preset automatic massage modes from which you can choose and get a massage. Additionally, there are three layers of airbags, back, and foot massage rollers. The best part is that you can use any of the auto modes or customize them to your liking.

Full-Body Massage: The chair features an airbag and roller massage system that massages the entire body. Airbags are located on the shoulder, arm, legs, and neck, while the back and waist feature eight fixed rollers. The combination of airbags and rollers increases massage productivity and relieves tension, anxiety, and muscle exhaustion.

Zero Gravity: This feature helps you feel more relaxed by leaning your body to the back and keeping your feet higher than your heart. Pressure remains steady, and heartbeats get normal. It eases the burden from your heart and provides a more enjoyable experience.

Bluetooth Design: The product has a built-in Bluetooth music system. Listen to your favorite songs while enjoying massage. This function will calm your mind.

Footrest Extension: The chair is great for people 5′3″ to 6′1″ tall. Anybody above 6.1′ may feel discomfort in the chair. That is where the extendable footrest comes to play to eliminate this unwanted issue. It can be extended by 5 inches to accommodate comfortably for people over 6′1″.

Personalized Chair: The product has a footstool and a rolling wheel at the bottom. You can move the chair anywhere around the room. This function has made the chair easy to place.

Packaging: The product is wrapped with two boxes of packaging. As a result, it has reduced the possibility of product damage and delivers it safe and sound to the customer.

The advantages of BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner With Zero Gravity are as follows:

  • This chair is easy to relocate
  • It has a smart remote to customize massage mode
  • The built-in heater makes you feel comfortable
  • Footrest extension for tall people
  • Zero-gravity posture
  • It gives you multifunctional massage
  • Comes with a good packaging of two boxes

The disadvantages of BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner With Zero Gravity are as follows:

  • Size may be a matter of issue if you have a small space

Final Verdict: This chair is quite comfortable for a full-body massage, and it is especially beneficial for taller people who suffer from back problems. When using, it is quite comfy.

4. Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna LM-6800 Massage Chair is bigger in size and comes with a wide range of massaging options. It includes numerous features, such as automatic massage programs, zero gravity, an L-track massage system, and a yoga stretching feature for your comfort and convenience. In comparison to its rivals, the LM-6800 offers an excellent value.

Full Body Massage: The chair is designed with an L-track structure and a massage system that uses airbags for better pressing. It engages all of your body’s joints and muscles with airbags and rollers, applies pressure, and massages them all at once. Using the chair, you can get a full-body massage from head to toe.

Multiple Features: Six automatic preset programs associated with the latest armbag design enhance the efficiency by a lot. Double-layered shoulder airbags protect you from a harsh massage. As a result, you’re getting a variety of massage modes and a remote that gives you complete control over the chair. Additionally, the chair includes a remote holder.

L- Track: This feature reduces the pressure on your spine and increases the comfort of the massage. This track contains four rollers and supports your neck to back. This massage works on muscle fatigue and brings you peace of mind and body. L-track covers a wider range of areas than S or SL track. 

Zero Gravity: The chair features three different levels of zero gravity. The feature aligns your feet and heart on the same line, promoting blood flow and maintaining a steady heart rate. This is the optimal position for receiving a full-body massage. It will eliminate your stress to the point where you will feel virtually weightless. You may experience immediate effects.

Auto Body Scanning: A smart body scanner will scan your body size to adjust accordingly. This automatic scanner is beneficial for people of all sizes and heights. You can enjoy a custom-fit massage as well. The chair will automatically detect massage points and provide the needed massage in the right areas

Targeted And Proportion Area Massage: This feature targets proportional areas like the upper back, lower back, entire back, lower body, and the combination of the lower back. You can even customize the areas along with speed and intensity levels.

Kahuna Signature Program – SH-Chiro: It especially targets the spinal, unlocks nerve energy, and allows it to flow better down your spine to the entire body. It will help to feel relief from the spine pressure. So, if you have back problems, this feature can be very beneficial for you without any doubt.

Yoga Stretching: Yoga stretching is one of those effective automatic programs. Yoga has always been an outstanding way of cure for stress, anxiety, and physical pain. This feature will stretch and relax your entire body, and improve the circulation of your blood. 

Manual Massage: The chair features five manual massage techniques. They are kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu, and also a combination of kneading and tapping. Select one of them based on your specific needs and enjoy a full massage session.

Heating Device: The chair includes a heating device for the back and legs. These are the areas that require more intensive massage. Heat relaxes and prepares the area properly to get an intense massage more effectively.

Air Cell Massage With Washable Foot Area: There are 28 air cells equipped to engage all of the body’s muscles and points. These air cells allow your body to inflate on their own and twist and stretch deeply. Alongside this, It features extra padding with dual foot rollers which can be cleaned for sanitary purposes.

Space Saving: This technology requires only three inches distance from the wall in zero gravity mode. This chair slides forward while reclining, so it doesn’t need extra space. 

Warranty: The product comes with a three-year warranty on parts, labor, and structural framework components. They will repair your qualified product free of charge during the warranty period.

The advantages of Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 are as follows:

  • Offers full body airbag and roller massage
  • Six automatic programmed airbags with double layer shoulder airbags
  • Extra padding for the footrest area
  • Maximum 60 minutes massage duration
  • Five manual massages and comes with a remote holder
  • Four massage rollers on the L-track system
  • Weight limit: 230 pounds

The disadvantages of Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 are as follows:

  • Spare parts are rare to find
  • No thigh massage system

Final Verdict: It costs a bit higher than my previous suggestions but provides a wide range of features as well. If you are a person who does a lot of work and needs proper refreshment, this one would be a recommendation for you. You can start the day with a yoga session and finish by doing a deep massage with this particular chair.

5. Real Relax Favour 03 Plus – Best Massage Chair Under $1500

Real Relax Favour 03 Plus

The Real Relax Massage Chair Favour 03 Plus is the best massage chair under $1500. This brand provides every user with a quality massage chair at an affordable price. They use top-quality material to keep you relax, sound, and healthy.

Proper Height Limit: This massage chair is a perfect fit for people of 5′2″ to 6′1″. You can extend the footrest if you are taller than the height limit.

Full Body Massage: The chair is designed to massage your entire body with Eight massage neck and back rollers along with 50 airbags throughout the body. It includes shiatsu massage with 5 more effective massage modes and has foot rollers and lower back heating options to let you get a better experience.

Customized Massage: The strength, speed of the rollers and airbags are easily adjustable. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the rollers’ roughness. Simply use the remote, set your goals, and you’re ready to go smoothly and comfortably.

Zero Gravity: Because of the zero-gravity design, you will feel virtually weightless. This feature helps to improve the effectiveness of the heart by allowing better blood circulation to flow through it. The high BP patients or obese people will get the most benefit from it. It will improve your breathing as well.

S Track Massage System: The backrest has an S-shaped massage structure from neck to waist. It was designed with human anatomy in mind. The S track provides you a great back massage from your neck to lower back position.

Back Heating: The waist heater improves blood circulation and metabolism by making your muscles relaxed and relieving lower back pain. This therapy is an absolute cure for promoting blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to reach joints and muscles.

Foot Massage: As it is a full body massage chair, it does count the feet as well. That’s why there are foot rollers featured to provide foot massage to give you relief from all the pain and sore muscles.

Smart Control: The chair comes with a smart remote. It’s easy to understand as it has an advanced high-definition VFD display screen. You can control, customize and adjust the settings based on your preferences.

Movement: You can move the chair easily as it has two back wheels. So, moving around the chair through the room is an easy task now.

Bluetooth: When you turn on the massage, the Bluetooth also turns on. Connect it with your device and enjoy soulful music to make the massage more comfortable.

Packaging: It comes in two boxes for safety so that the customers don’t have to receive damaged products. In any case, if you find anything unusual, contact the seller and get the replacement.

Note: Please check the chair before purchasing. You may have to face problems for the size issues. It includes changing LED lights.

The advantages of Real Relax Favour 03 Plus Massage Chair are as follows:

  • Footrest extension for taller people
  • Safe packaging with two boxes
  • Full-body massage with 50 airbags
  • S track massage system available
  • Six auto massage modes, including shiatsu massage
  • Zero-gravity posture
  • This chair is more functional and affordable

The disadvantages of Real Relax Favour 03 Plus Massage Chair are as follows:

  • The roller may hurt your back
  • Chair size might be an issue

Final Verdict: Most users like Its lower back massage option. It reduces back pain and provides relief. Also, using it daily is not harmful unless you overuse it. Choose this one if you suffer from lower back pain.

6. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Would you like to know what it’s like to sit in a plush massage chair equipped with lots of the latest technology? Then Human touch is a better option for you, as it comes along with an ergonomic design and incredible smart features, in addition to providing a full body massage. With the customized massage option, you can even target specific body parts.

Effective Body Massage: The chair provides full-body therapy, which aids in the treatment of muscle pain. BodyMap PRO, an intelligent feature, allows you to select the area of your body that requires relief and gives you the proper relaxation. Press the feature on, sit back, relax and let the chair do the rest. If you have a specific ache, this would be a useful feature for you.

Auto Massage Programs: The massage chair is equipped with five auto massage programs that can be selected from a menu, including full massage, upper and lower massage, relaxation, and sleep massage. Choose from one of the five massage modes to enjoy a hand-like massage in the comfort of your own home.

Modern Technology: By massaging the calves upward, this figure-eight massage technique improves circulation from the foot all the way up to the core. It has a positive impact on one’s overall health as well as enhances vitality. When you don’t want a massage, you can use it to relax your legs comfortably.

Seamless Orbital Massage: This modern feature is developed with FlexGlide solution and equipped with a 3D orbital system. It gives a therapeutic massage avoiding uncomfortable pinching and irritation.

3D FlexGlide Technology: You can unwind with a stress-relieving massage that’s both comfortable and effective. It allows you to take full advantage of your free time all thanks to 3D Flexglide technology.

Warm Air Massage Technology: This chair massages your lumbar region with a soothing and relaxing warm air massage. It gives your muscles a deep, penetrating massage that alleviates muscle fatigue, back pain, and stress.

Elegant design: It features a 55-degree rotatable swivel base for effective full body massage, as well as an ottoman style for foot and calf massage. Moreover, the cushions are made of sofhyde to ensure maximum comfort and support while sitting in the chair.

Notes: Don’t overuse it on the first day.

The advantages of Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair are as follows:

  • Provides so many smart and latest features
  • BodyMap Pro to relieve your body parts individually
  • Three years warranty
  • Best packaging
  • 3D FlexGlide massage technology
  • Five automated massage programs

The disadvantages of Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair are as follows:

  • No return policy
  • The head massage is a bit intense

Final Verdict: If you are fond of more technological smart features rather than sticking to the basics this is a great option without any doubt. You won’t regret purchasing this chair.

7. FR-6KSL Full Body Shiatsu L-Track Massage Chair

FR-6KSL Full Body Shiatsu L-Track Massage Chair

When it comes to performing its function, Forever Rest is an all-arounder. This chair has some great features such as heating, customizable massage, Bluetooth connectivity, and body scanning. It’s also extremely easy to assemble. And while the price is mid-range, it includes all of the extras found on much more expensive models. 

SL-Track Frame Design: This massage chair is designed with the most advanced SL-track frame. The rollers roll from your neck down to your back and then to your buttocks for the ultimate perfect full-body massage. The SL-track frame is equipped with an ultra-thin and silent quad humanized mechanism. The track frame is designed for neck, back, waist, shoulder, and buttocks massage.

Full-Body Airbag System: With multilayer airbags in the shoulders, arms, hands, feet, and calves, this product provides an Acupressure Full-Body Airbag massage. You can even customize the intensity levels, as there are five to choose from. As a bonus, the blood flow to your heart will be restored to normal.

Airbag Foot Massage And Rolling Massage: Mechanical rollers with the Shiatsu Scrape Massage are used in foot rollers to vanish your leg pain. Twenty airbags are used in the foot massage, and twelve are used in the calf massage. When you’ve had a long day, the built-in foot rollers are a welcome relief.

Zero-Gravity Massage: This recliner has one-touch zero gravity. This chair puts you into the zero-gravity posture to relieve any pressure from your spine and muscles and places your body in a weightless balanced position. You can place the product two inches away from the wall with forward sliding technology.

Built-In Heater: An inbuilt heater in the lower back section of the chair provides a warm Massage to help relieve stress and muscle tension. It does two things: it prepares the back muscles for a deeper massage and it improves circulation.

3D Body Scan: The product will scan your body size and height and offer you a perfect custom massage. This feature detects spine curvature and adjusts massage energy across the outside area. The rollers conform to the spine and make contact with critical areas of the back.

Massage Program: This massage chair offers eight different automatic massage programs, as well as six different manual massage programs. These auto massage programs come with a stretching program built-in. These features also include programs for relief, recovery, relaxation, music synchronization, calming, and refreshing.

Massage Techniques: There are many massage techniques available for this chair. You’ll find one that suits your needs from kneading, tapping, pressing, shiatsu, knocking, and kneading with tapping. It has five intensity levels to choose the perfect fit for your massage.

Bluetooth Speaker: This chair has a Bluetooth device connection system that enables you to enjoy soothing music or e-book.

Delivery: You don’t have to pay for the inside delivery or unpacking. You have to be present during the delivery, or else the delivery company will charge you a re-delivery fee.

Note: Before making a purchase, you must first speak with a representative of the company about any special requirements.

The advantages of FR-6KSL Full Body Shiatsu L-Track Massage Chair are as follows:

  • Full-body massage chair
  • Sl-track with smart ultra-thin silent quad
  • 3D body scan
  • Six manual massage modes
  • Eight auto massage modes
  • One-click zero-gravity massage
  • Acupressure full-body airbag massage
  • Best quality Bluetooth speakers

The disadvantages of FR-6KSL Full Body Shiatsu L-Track Massage Chair are as follows:

  • No heat in footwells
  • Air massage might be too intense

Final Verdict: Leg and back pain sufferers can collect this chair. Aside from that, the L-shape and the arm massage both work wonders. This is unquestionably a smart decision to pick this one if you need adequate sleep and pain relief.

Buying Guide

Buying guidelines for a 2000 dollars massage chair

Before spending money on a massage chair you must look for its features. If you buy a massage chair spending 2000 dollars, then your massage chair should offer more features than a 1000 dollars massage chair. Let’s check the features:

Zero-Gravity Feature

The one-click zero-gravity feature is a good massage system for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. This feature lessens the load on your heart by keeping your body virtually weightless. This position brings your heart and feet to keep the blood flowing through your heart and maintains your pressure. It helps the body get rid of toxins and heal faster after an injury or illness. So while buying any massage chair you must verify this feature. Zero-gravity helps to distribute the pressure equally in the body. The benefits of this feature are numerous.

Full-Body Massage

Full body massage is a fantastic way to alleviate anxiety and stress levels. This function massages the entire body, including the shoulders, arms, legs, hips, and calves. After a long hard day, full-body relaxation can completely make your day. So, give it a check before making the decision.


The S and L tracks have been combined to form an advanced design “SL track”. Because of the S-shaped track, there won’t be any body parts left to massage. The L track will go down to the lower back, massages all the way to the buttocks from the head, without any curve. If you want a perfect back massage, you should choose this SL track framed chair.

Auto-Massage And Manual Massage Modes

Before you select one, see whether auto and manual massage modes are available or not. Auto modes are preset so you just have to push it on and enjoy the show. But in case you need some specific area massage, there the manual mode comes into play. It’s really vital to look for.

Chair Size

Chair size is an important factor to consider. It totally depends on the size and space you have in your house and act accordingly. A massage chair must have to be 3 three inches away from the wall. So, now get the tape, measure the space and check the dimension of the chair and take the one that suits you.

Heat Therapy

The waist part must have a built-in heater to ease the pain. The use of heated therapy eliminates back pain, provides better relaxation, and increases metabolism. This feature is a must.

Latest Technology

The massage chair must have the latest technologies. It will give you a therapeutic massage and don’t give any unnecessary massage pain. The latest features are more compatible with our bodies and health.

Airbags and Rollers

Airbag massage delivers intense massages that effectively alleviate pain, stress, and tension. Airbags deliver pressurized air to little pouches located throughout the body, providing an excellent massage. However, The rollers may be harsh sometimes, and the airbags may not provide you the perfect air massage. So. you might opt for a chair that has both airbags and rollers to target certain areas of the body.

Footrest Extension

This feature is beneficial for taller people as they may not fit in the chair. So if you are taller than six feet, then you must check if the chair has this function. Foot rollers will give relief from foot aches and sore muscles.


Price is the main target in buying any product. The chair must have the best features but also should be budget-friendly. You don’t have to think about the low budget problem if the chair has all the features that you need to have a comfortable massage and relaxation. These chairs are worth the price.


How Long Is A Massage Cycle?

Some chairs have a time limit of thirty minutes, and some have up to sixty minutes. You can adjust the time you need for relaxation. 15 to 20 minutes are enough, to be honest. So you should never overuse a massage chair, otherwise, it can cause you injury.

Can You Receive A Replacement If The Chair Breaks?

Not every brand provides a replacement guarantee. But most of them have a clause that if the product gets damaged or something like that you can replace it within 30 days or a certain amount of time. However, every company provides warranty service for a limited time free of charge.

Can A Six Feet Person Fit In These Massage Chairs?

Some chairs may not fit taller people. So the companies add extendable footrests so that taller people easily adjust in the chair.

Should You Use A Massage Chair Everyday?

Well, you can use everyday but not hard massage. If you do a hard massage then it is recommended to use the chair up to 5 days per week. For a normal refreshing session, there is no harm in using a chair regularly. But again don’t push it hard, it can cause serious injuries. And don’t forget massage chairs run by electricity so it will cost you more electricity bills.

Are These Chairs Adjustable?

These chairs are designed with adjustable massage so that they can fit your body size. This function scans your body size and automatically adjusts itself to give you a pleasant massage. For better adjustment there are foot extensions available for taller persons.

Is It Really Worth Buying A Massage Chair Under $2000?

The benefits of using a massage are always relaxable and healthy. In this modern age, people are working hard to achieve success. They work all day long to have a safe and secure future. In this process, all they need is peace of mind and body. A massage does more than this. It has health benefits too.

Buying a good massage chair is a great investment

Improving blood circulation, better muscle oxygen, better immune system, stabilizing blood pressure, eliminating body pain, migraine relief, stress-reducing are the main advantages of having a massage chair. It will assist you in dealing with stress, despair, and anxiety, as well as healing your mind. These are all a person would ever want.

It will remove your insomnia and help you to get proper sleep. A massage can be very crucial for both physical and mental well-being. It is an energy booster device, as it gives you the necessary energy you will need to do the tasks all day long. The variation of massage modes will stimulate your body into different effects. So considering all the advantages a massage chair has, it is really worth using.


Finally, before concluding up the guide I made for you to assist you to choose the best massage chairs under $2000, I would suggest you to read the article once again. But this time start with the buying guide. List down your needs, check the buying guide and compare them with your needs and then go to the product review and see which one suits you perfectly.

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