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7 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Review For 2022

There are numerous zero gravity massage chairs on the market, but not all are equally good. There are some vital factors that determine whether a chair is considered to be good or not. To be honest, I did a lot of research and noted down some crucial info to help you identify the best zero gravity massage chairs.

I’ve covered every aspect of how to select the perfect chair for you in this article. Additionally, I have picked up seven market leaders to assist you in your search. Let’s not waste any further time and find out why my recommendations are ideal and how you may identify them.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs (Updated List)

Here in this portion, I have reviewed the 7 top-selling and users’ favorite chairs. The reason for being fans’ favorite is they cost less and provides more. Let’s see what features the chairs offer and what those features benefit us.

1. Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna Zero Gravity Massage Chair LM-6800

Kahuna is one of the most popular zero gravity massage chairs with incredible options like heating therapy and Yoga stretching. It covers the total body with smart and latest technological features. The chair automatically detects your body size and massage points and adjusts the rollers and air cells accordingly. L-Track design provides you with great coverage from neck to glutes. Let’s see all the other exciting features kahuna is offering.

L-Track Massage System: L-track is an excellent technology that is included with this chair to enhance the effects of massage. The L track four massage rollers massage from the neck to the upper hamstring. That means the trail is designed to support your neck, back, and buttocks while simultaneously decompressing each of your spines. In comparison to the S and SL track, the L-track covers a wider range of areas. 

Zero Gravity: In order to improve the effectiveness, comfort, and intensity of the massage, the chair has a 3-stage zero-gravity feature. Zero gravity massage will put you in such a position where your weight will be spread across the chair. This will help release stress, make you feel virtually weightless, and prepare you for a more intense and deeper massage. Zero gravity helps to reduce the heart’s workload and pumps blood smoothly through it. It makes the heart healthier by increasing the efficiency of the heart and normalizes blood circulation.

Smart Body Scan Technology: Kahuna massage chair features a computerized body scan technology that automatically can define your body size. Then it customizes the rollers and air cells according to your body that precisely fits you. As a result, you’ll receive the ideal massage at the ideal pressure points on your body.

Space-Saving Technology: Space-saving technology allows you to use the chair in small apartments. You just have to keep 3 inches distance from the back wall, that’s it. When zero gravity is on and the chair reclines, it slides forward, saving room not taking any space backward.

Auto Programs: The chair features 6 auto programs including some special massage modes. So, depending on your requirements, you can select any of the modes and have a great time. These programs have a 30-minute timer.

Full-Body Massage: The Kahuna LM-6800 has L-track rollers and airbags that cover the entire body. These airbags and rollers engage every muscle and point on your body, allowing it to inflate on its own and twist and stretch deeply. Furthermore, double-layered shoulder airbags protect you from being subjected to harsh massage. Overall, You get an effective total-body refreshment.

Additional Features: Additionally, there is an inbuilt heater on the back and leg to absorb the intense massage well. The rollers and airbags can be adjusted for speed and intensity as well. It also has extra foot padding and remote holders.

Signature Programs: Kahuna offers two signature special programs; Yoga-Stretching and SH-Chiro. One stretches your entire body to awakening sensation while the other targets your spine to unblock nerve energy and allow it to flow better down your spine.

Warranty: Kahuna offers a limited 3 years warranty on all parts, labor, and structural framework of the chair.  For the first year, they’ll repair your chair at no cost to you.

What I Like:

  • Full body massage with auto and manual options
  • Provides special Yoga-Stretching and SH-Chiro massage 
  • Extra padding for the footrest area
  • Three zero gravity options

What I Don’t Like:

  • Installation may feel a bit tough
  • Foot rollers might feel hard

Final Verdict: Kahuna is the best zero gravity massage chair under $2000 that saves space, relaxes muscles, and reduces body pain. The massage chair allows you to start the day with yoga and end it with a deep massage.

2. Real Relax FAVOR-03 Plus Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Real Relax FAVOR-03 Plus Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Real Relax produces affordable massage chairs with having zero gravity features. People can hardly think of a zero-gravity feature under 1000$. However, this chair not only provides zero gravity but also has several other incredible features. And these latest features combinedly provide you with a complete body massage. This will relax your tension, minimize pain, and normalize the muscle knots.

Extended Footrest: The massage chair allows you to extend the footrest up to 5.2 inches so that you can make up extra height. So, there is no problem anymore if you are above 6′1″, it will fit you quite well.

Total Body Massage: The chair is designed to massage the entire body, not just specific areas. With Real Relax, you can get a full-body massage that will help you relax. A total of eight massage rollers and fifty airbags are located on the neck and back, shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet respectively. Additionally, there is a foot roller included to enhance the whole massage experience.

Customizable Massage Settings: You can program rollers and airbags and choose which body parts you need to massage. The strength and speed of the rollers and airbags’ are customizable as well. You won’t have to deal with the roughness of the rollers because you can pick between three intensity and strength levels. With a single press of the remote, you’re ready to go effortlessly and pleasantly. 

Zero Gravity: When you use zero gravity, your body stays in a neutral position and your feet are elevated in line with your heart. It reduces excess pressure on the heart, normalizes circulation, and keeps the heart healthy by relaxing it more and making it work less. Zero gravity mitigates joint discomfort and stress and prepares you for a more intense massage. This feature is highly effective for people with high blood pressure or overweight because it will make you feel lighter.

S Track Massage System: Real relax features an S-Track roller technology that is specially designed to cover a wide area from the neck and lower back. Due to its integration with the heating feature, the S-track is quite effective.

Back Heating: The chair has built-in heating to provide an intense and effective leg and lower back massage. Furthermore, heat therapy for back pain is particularly very helpful. That’s because it promotes blood flow and speeds up the recovery of muscles and joints.

Auto Programs With Smart Control: There are 6 preset auto massage programs you can use. Select a massage mode, then set the timer and enjoy the massage. Using a remote control, you have complete control over the system’s settings.

Movable: For some reason, we may need to move the chair to another location. It gets difficult because massage chairs are usually heavy. But in this chair, you have 2 back wheels. So, moving it is like a piece of cake.

Bluetooth Speaker: With the built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can listen to your favorite tunes while doing the massage. When you plug in the chair, the Bluetooth activates. Then connect your phone and have fun.

What I Like:

  • Zero gravity with back heating: best for back pain
  • Easily customizable for manual massage
  • Safely delivered in two pieces which are easy to assemble
  • Full body auto massage

What I Don’t Like:

  • Smaller people may find it uncomfortable to use
  • Some points might feel a bit harsh

Final Verdict: This particular chair is best for back pain relief. The zero-gravity function with the heating feature combinedly cures back pain very well. If you are a victim of lower back pain, this would be a great buy for you.

3. Ugears B-L1 Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair

Ugears B-L1 Zero Gravity SL Track Massage Chair

Ugears B-L1 is a full-body shiatsu massage chair with tons of intelligent features. It is best for intense heating massage in the zero gravity position. This massage chair will also help you improve blood flow, heart health while reducing joint discomfort, stress, and anxiety. Let’s check Ugears b-l1 massage chair reviews below to find out more.

Zero Gravity Massage: Zero gravity position is the most prominent feature Ugears offers with 3 reclining options. B-L1 repositions the center of gravity to the buttocks, relieving pressure on the spine and joints and keeping the heart lower than the legs. As a result, you go in a completely relaxed posture and feel weightless. Which ultimately helps to improve circulation and metabolism and relieves stress, tension, muscle fatigue, and pain.

Smart Body Scan Technology: Ugears can automatically detect your height and with advanced technology. It then customizes the massage points to fit your shape and meets the requirements. Human-like realistic 3D robot hands are powered to massage those points.

Full Body Air Massage: The B-L1 3D massage chair is equipped with 32 double-layered airbags that cover the entire body, including the shoulders, neck, back, waist, hips, legs, and feet. These airbags target the massage points and deliver deep massages. There is a heater on the waist to enhance the effect of the massage.

Heating Function: Two built-in heaters are installed in the waist to promote blood circulation and metabolism. It also helps to relax muscles, prepares them for a deep massage, and increases overall comfort.

SL Track Design With Thai Stretching: The SL track covers the range from the neck to the lower body. Additionally, it contributes to knocking, kneading, tapping, clapping, rolling, and shiatsu, mixing Thai-style massage with other techniques to give a relaxing massage. 

Space Saving: Ugears massage chair requires only 5 cm space from the wall. When you turn on zero gravity, it reclines in the forward and leaves much space by not taking any space backward. So, you won’t have to have a huge corner for accommodating the chair.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The zero gravity recliner comes with a built-in Bluetooth device. As soon as you turn the chair on, Bluetooth gets on immediately. Then you can listen to soulful music and enjoy the massage with more excitement by connecting the Bluetooth with your phone.

Lifetime Warranty: The supplier offers a limited lifetime warranty with the qualified product. They offer a 12-month guarantee with a return facility. If you find any issue with the chair, you can return it to the seller. And by returning within 30 days, you will get the full money back.

What I Like:

  • Two heating devices for the waist enhance the effectiveness
  • Three stages of Zero gravity for more relaxation
  • The auto body detector adjusts the massage points and ranges
  • Super easy to put together and use

What I Don’t Like:

  • Bluetooth is not supported for iPhone 12
  • Airbags might feel somewhat strong for some individuals

Final Verdict: This could be a good choice for a deep hot massage to relieve fatigue and pain. The chair is highly recommended for people with back problems. If you are a user of iPhone 12, you should think twice before buying this.

4. BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

Bosscare is a zero gravity massage chair that also includes heating therapy to provide comprehensive pain and tension relief. It has a lot of smart features and massage modes you can use. Also, you can customize the settings and use them as your preference. Let’s have a look at what else this massage chair has to offer.

Zero Gravity: This chair reclines to the point where you feel as if you’re floating in the air. The Zero-gravity mode relieves the stress of heart and back pain. It will make you feel much lighter and will also help to normalize your blood circulation. Thanks to zero gravity, Bosscare can relieve joint soreness and stress while also preparing you for a more intense massage.

Full Body Airbag Massage: Bosscare uses airbags and massage rollers to give a full-body massage. Airbags are placed in different positions including shoulder, back, hip, feet, arm, and leg. There are multiple rollers combined with airbags to provide a complete massage. The chair gives you total comfort and relaxes you from head to toe.

Back Heat Therapy: Back heat therapy is super effective for soreness, muscle fatigue, and back pain. The heating function works wonders with airbags together. This combination makes the body super relax and promotes blood circulation as well as metabolism.

Environmental Friendly Materials: The chair is constructed of environmentally friendly materials. The vastly experienced production team picks the best raw materials that are both high in quality and environmentally sustainable for each chair.

Multiple Smart Programs: The recliner features 6 intelligent preset programs, 14 massage units, and 3 levels of massage strength. They also give you complete control over these programs. Either you can choose one of the preset modes and do the massage or you can personalize everything and assign a custom mode in your service. 

Customizability: If you want a massage, simply select any of the pre-programmed modes and sit back. What if you require a specific muscle massage? Don’t be concerned if you have Bosscare. Everything can be customized, including the assignment of specific muscles, massage units, speed, and intensity level. You can create your own massage style.

Footrest Extension: The company intended to make taller people more comfortable with footrest extensions. They claim that the chair is ideal for those up to 6′1″ taller. You may get one or two inches more for the extended footrest.

Bluetooth Speaker In-Built: This chair is equipped with a Bluetooth system, in the arm area. That entails both amusement and relaxation. While getting a massage, you can listen to heart soothing music on your phone via Bluetooth. 

Return Policy: Bosscare allows you to return the product if you don’t like it or find any issue after purchase. But they may charge a few bucks and want the original packaging.

What I Like:

  • Really comfortable sitting position
  • Super easy to put the chair together 
  • Footrest extension provides better comfort to taller persons
  • Zero gravity reclines in a great posture

What I Don’t Like:

  • The massage rollers are hard, so be careful while using it for too long

Final Verdict: For a fast zero gravity massage that also benefits back pain and comes really cheap, Bosscare is a better option. This is a great massage chair under $1000 having a zero gravity feature.

5. SMAGREHO Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

SMAGREHO Zero Gravity Massage Chair Recliner

Smagreho is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from lower back discomfort. It features a zero-gravity function with back heating therapy that comes really handy. The chair is so ergonomically designed that you get the most comfortable and relaxing massage experience. Let’s find out more. 

Zero-Gravity Design: Smagreho engineered with a fully reclined zero gravity design to offer its user effective massage. The feature helps you with pain, anxiety, stress and promotes blood circulation along with metabolism. Your feet go higher than your heart and create a posture that reduces heart load and prepares your body for a deep and effective massage.

Back Heat Therapy: The back heating is equipped to cure back pain and loosen up back muscles so that you get ready for intense sessions. The heat goes into your body and prepares the muscles then 8 fixed rollers come into the play and do the rest. And you get relief from back pain and have real relaxation with the roller and heat combination.

Ergonomic Design: The massage chair is designed ergonomically to make it compact and comfortable. The ergonomic mechanism allows for a more comfortable and pleasurable reclining sitting position. The more comfortable the better the relaxation.

Full Body Massage: It comes with multiple airbags for each massage point of the entire body. Only the back and foot have massage rollers instead of airbags as they need more intensity than other parts of the body. Airbags squeeze and compress the areas where they are placed. Since this is a zero-gravity heating massage chair, 8 rollers are fixed to provide a little harder massage on the back to reduce pain. 

Versatile Massage options: This chair has six smart pre-programmed massage modes and numerous massage units. You can just select one of them, or you can set the units manually and assign them to specific places. 

Smart Operating: In addition to those six preset options, Smagreho provides customized massages as well. If you wish to massage certain parts with a certain intensity level, you can easily do it. You can even customize the massage units, as well as the speed and strength levels (which have 3 levels).

Bluetooth Music Player: A Bluetooth music system is included right into the product. While getting a massage, put on your favorite music and relax. This will help you to relax both your body and mind.

Footrests Extension: The chair has the option to extend the footrest up to 5 inches. So, people who are taller than 6 feet should easily fit the chair comfortably. This is quite a handy addition to the chair for you if you are a taller person.

What I Like:

  • Zero gravity with Back heat therapy works great for back pain
  • Really easy to put back together
  • Ergonomic design and well cushioning for great comfortability
  • The compression ratio is quite on top

What I Don’t Like:

  • Upper back rollers are weaker than lower back rollers

Final Verdict: The chair is designed to focus on the lower back region. So it seems to have lackings of neck and shoulder massaging. For lower back problems, this chair would be great.

6. Forever Rest FR-6KSL Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Forever Rest FR-6KSL Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Forever Rest includes zero gravity and a slew of intelligent programs. Bluetooth connectivity, heating therapy, personalized massage, and body scanning are all included. Assembling it is super easy as well. While also relieving joint pain and tension, this massage chair helps to improve blood flow and heart health. Let’s learn more about this.

SL-Track Frame Design: The most prominent SL track has been introduced while designing the frame. SL track covers a wide range of areas starting from your neck down to the back then your buttocks. To provide you with a lot better experience than others, the frame has an advanced ultra-thin and quiet quad humanized mechanism.

Full-Body Airbag System: The Forever Rest offers a total body massage with a multilayered airbag system. These multi-layered airbags are placed on each massage point such as the shoulders, arms, hands, feet, and calves. Airbags acupressure the muscles, squeeze them. As a result, you get comfort and relief from pain and fatigue.

Zero Gravity Massage: The reclining chair comes with a one-touch zero gravity feature. This chair allows you to sit in a weightless, balanced position while relieving pressure on your spine and muscles. Also, zero-gravity minimizes your heart load and makes it more active. Blood circulation gets normal and your metabolism increases with this. In zero gravity position, your body can take more intense massages and you get a better relaxing output.

Built-In Heater: Zero gravity works even better with the heating function. That is why FR-6KSL has a built-in heater on the waist to provide you with a more intense and effective massage. This feature is super effective on pain, stress and making the body loosen up faster. It also effectively works in improving blood circulation.

3D Body Scan: The zero gravity chair is full of advanced features. 3D body scan feature scans your body automatically and finds out your size and height. Then customizes its functions and adjusts the rollers and airbags according to your massage points. 

Airbag Foot Massage And Rolling Massage: The massage chair recliner has focused a lot on the leg part. For thighs and calves, it has 12 dedicated airbags placed on while footrest massage gets 20. There are also mounted rollers for the feet to relieve tiredness and pain. 

Massage Program: Forever Rest has eight preset auto massage options and six manual modes, including stretching. Width, position, speed, and intensity levels are all adjustable and customizable. You will receive 5 intensity settings that can be adjusted with a smart remote. Programs for relief, rehabilitation, relaxation, music synchronization, relaxing, and refreshing are also included.

Bluetooth Speaker: Comes with a Bluetooth system built-in. So, you get a massage that makes you feel more refreshed along with soul-soothing music.

What I Like:

  • SL-Track with smart ultra-thin silent quad
  • 3D body scan automatically detects massage points
  • Excellent quality Bluetooth speaker
  • Eight auto massage modes

What I Don’t Like:

  • No heater in footwells
  • Air massage might feel too intense in preset mode

Final Verdict: This chair is perfect for people who have problems with their legs or back. However, the L-shape and arm massage are equally effective. If you want a good night’s sleep and pain alleviation, this is definitely the way to go.

7. FOELRO Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

FOELRO Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

For the lowest price, FOELRO manufactures a massage chair with a slew of useful options. You can even have a shiatsu massage that covers all of your body parts. Within this cheap budget, they’re offering zero gravity, back heat therapy, and a bunch of other programs. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about the chair.

Multiple Smart Massage Styles: Foelro features six preset massage settings for instant massage. You can select any of them to receive a full-body massage. On the other hand, you can personalize the settings and specify certain body areas, speeds, and strength levels. As a result, you get the best output possible, as everything can be customized to your specifications.

Full Body Massage: Many airbags and rollers are equipped to give you a full-body massage. Airbags massage shoulders, arms, buttocks, and legs while 8 rollers are featured to massage the back. The foot additionally has multiple rollers for a relaxing massage and stress relief. 

Zero Gravity Design: Foelro has a highly efficient Zero-gravity function. Zero gravity reduces the stress of the heart and works great on back discomfort. The setting positions you in such a way that your weight is distributed evenly across the chair. As a result, you feel extremely relaxed, weightless, and muscles get prepared to take more intensive and deeper massages. Blood circulation and metabolism will significantly improve by zero gravity.

Waist Heating: Eight fixed rollers on the back with built-in heating effectively relieve back pain. And the effectiveness rockets up when you’re in a zero-gravity posture. Waist heating combined with zero gravity and rollers relaxes your body and decreases back pain by a lot.

Foot Roller Massage: Foelro has rollers equipped in the foot to relieve tiredness and pain. It boosts up the energy of the body and completes a full-body massage.

Bluetooth Music: The Foelro massage chair includes an in-built Bluetooth speaker to make your massage session more enjoyable. The speaker’s sound quality is excellent. Relaxing with music is more fun, and it is possible with this chair. So, you may listen to music or the radio while giving yourself a massage.

Extendable Footrest: Taller people will like the footrest extension option. The pedal of this chair can be stretched up to 5 inches. As a result, taller people have more space to fit in. 

Portable Inside The Room: There are two wheels equipped at the bottom of the back in this chair to move it. So, if you need to move the chair inside anywhere in the room or floor, you can do that easily. Just tilt the chair on its wheels, that’s it.

What I Like:

  • Easily movable within the floor
  • Shiatsu massage with zero gravity 
  • Bluetooth speaker is of nice quality
  • Extendable footrest for taller people

What I Don’t Like:

  • The backlight is missing on the remote control
  • Shoulder and neck massage doesn’t feel much

Final Verdict: If you require a full-body zero gravity massage chair but are on a medium budget, this is the chair for you. One thing I noticed is that the shoulder massage is not precise. Otherwise, this is a good value for the money.

Benefits Of A Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero gravity is very beneficial in lots of aspects. Even it can enhance the effect of the massage and provides you with better relief. Let’s see what aspects of zero gravity benefit you.

Improving Blood Circulation

Improves blood circulation

At the zero-gravity position, your whole body weight is evenly dispersed throughout the chair. Since your legs are higher than your heart, the extra burden on your heart will be reduced. As a result, it helps circulate blood better, which in turn helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure. This also helps to reduce swelling and blood pooling in the lower part of the body.

Better Relaxation By Reducing Stress And Pain

Being floating in the air relieves stress and strain on the body as well as makes a positive impact on the mind. Pressure and strain are gone from weight-bearing areas when in zero gravity, resulting in healthier joints and muscles. You’ll find that your pain goes away when your body is more relaxed and all stresses have been relieved.

Zero Gravity For Lower Back Pain

Zero gravity decompresses the spine and relaxes muscles. It allows the spine to relax, lowering tension on the spinal muscles and intervertebral discs, both of which are vital for spinal health. This will help to relieve pain from nerve impingement. However, Zero gravity is more effective with heating function and reduces back pain by a lot.

Buying Guide

Buying Guidelines for Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

No matter what you buy, you always should consider some vital facts before the final decision. When you are making a purchase of a zero gravity massage chair, you need to put extra importance on this regard. In the below section, I have discussed the major buying factors to consider to find the best zero gravity massage chairs. Let’s explore things up. 

Zero-Gravity Setting

The first thing to consider is zero gravity. For better relaxation, back pain relief, improving lung efficiency and blood flow there is no alternative but to have a zero-gravity in a massage chair. If you miss this feature in your chair, you will lose most of it. So, always find this feature and try to know how efficiently the feature works, and then proceed.

Full Body Massage

Another most important factor is the full body massage program. Basically, in massage chairs, full-body includes the shoulder, back, hip, feet, arm, and leg. Make sure the massage chair you are purchasing massages these areas. You also need to confirm how good it gives massage and what method it follows to do that.

Heated Therapy

Since you are intending to buy a zero gravity chair, heating therapy should and must feature in the chair. Zero gravity along with heating therapy make a super effective combination that relaxes you even better and make your pain and stress disappear. So, definitely look for heating therapy. 

Massage Quality

One of the vital points to check before buying is massage quality. If you do not get the desired message that relaxes you completely and vanishes out your pain, it will all go in vain. So, confirm how qualities and effective massage the chair offers. You can find out this by checking the reviews or talking to a user.

Massage Programs And Method

You should check for how many massage programs the chair offers and whether those programs are enough for you or not. Also, consider what type of method, airbags, rollers it has and how they work.

Warranty And Return Policy

After-sale services are really important and must be in a massage chair. So, know before you buy that the brand has a warranty service or not. Buy the one that provides the best warranty service. Also, check for a return policy. In case something unwanted issue appears, you have the option to return the product and get your money back.

Frame Tracks

There are three frame tracks available; S track, L track, SL track. To specify things, L track covers a wide range of areas and comes at a mid-range price. So, compared to other tracks L track seems more suitable for me. 


Comfortability is a crucial factor to consider. Therefore, before settling on one, ensure that the chair is sufficiently cushioned, well-padded, and ergonomically built.

Repairing Cost

Choose a chair that is well available and spare parts are easy to find. Also, make sure the chair has not been made with complicated technology otherwise repairing will cost you a lot.

Buying Cost

This factor is not common for every individual. Your requirement sets the price. If you only require basic programs or back pain relief, a zero gravity massage chair with back heating is ideal. It could cost you something between $1000 and $2000. On the other hand, a chair with 30 programs will cost you up to 10000$. So, the point is, first determine your needs, then spend.

Health Threats

It is very much possible that your chair may cause you injury rather than cure. So, you need to make sure the chair is well enough to provide you with a quality massage, not injury.

Multipurpose Use

Once again, the value of a massage chair comes into play if it can be used for tasks other than massaging. Massage chairs that can be used as sofas, sleeping chairs, and other multipurpose furniture would be ideal in my opinion.

Personalizable Features

Everything should be able to be customized. Because you won’t have to massage all parts of your body every day or use all of the features. The ideal chair for you is one that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.


Do Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Really Work?

Yes, they do. The zero gravity massage chairs mimic zero gravity and make you feel you are floating in the air. In this position, your body is more prepared and you get a great benefit in relaxing and pain relief. 

How Much Do Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Cost?

A zero gravity massage chair costs something around $1000 to $10000. It depends on other feature and qualities comes along with zero gravity.

How Long Should You Use A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

The ideal time to sit in a zero gravity massage chair is 15 to 20 minutes. But you can even sleep in the chair by reclining it to zero gravity position. 

Is It Okay To Sleep In A Zero Gravity Position?

Since it relieves pressure on the body, sleeping in a zero-gravity position is beneficial. It also has a variety of other advantages, including the ability to promote breathing and blood circulation.


Here, in this article, I’ve reviewed the best zero gravity massage chairs you can buy right now. They’re great in zero gravity, and also very effective in reducing pain and tension. The best part is that all of them are equipped with space-saving technology along with some other smart features. And all the chairs fit in your budget.

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