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8 Best Affordable and Cheap Massage Chairs for Sale in 2022

Looking for cheap massage chairs? It’s really hard to find because massage chairs usually cost lots of money. But no worries, I have collected some of the best cheap massage chairs and each of them can be used as a recliner. So, no electricity no problem, you still can use these chairs.

Now I am going to review some affordable massage chairs. I will let you know what they are capable of, what they are offering, how features help you keep your body fine, its pros and cons. You will also get to know which product is best for what quality. Besides, you can find out whether you should buy an inexpensive massage chair or not.

To find out all these vital things you need to dig in deep. So, let’s get started.

Best Cheap Massage Chairs (Updated List)

Let me clear you one thing here that you will not find many differences in core features among these chairs. Almost all the chairs come along with the same features and price range. So now the question arrives, how would you make a choice among them?

The main thing that comes first here is the user experience. I have listed the chairs from top to bottom according to the user’s satisfaction rate. Also, you can choose one by the outlooks and design. Let’s see what they are providing.

1. Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair is the best budget massage chair in the market. The chair is powered with modern features that therapeutically massage your body and make relief from tension, ease pain, and alleviate knots. You will need to read on to find out what else this chair can do. Let’s find out together.

Easy Manual Functioning: Functioning is super easy in this chair. Doing the massage you can add your favorite tracks and enjoy your session thanks to the inbuilt Bluetooth function. You can also change the LED light with Bluetooth. Real Relax will allow you to choose between 6 different auto modes as per your need. There are so many other functions with great utility that too at a decent range of price.

Zero Gravity: One button Zero gravity design allows you to suspend your body in a neutral position and feet are elevated in alignment with the heart which results in a virtually weightless experience. With the useful assistance of this chair, you will be free from tension and deeply relaxed.

Built In Heater: A built-in heater is equipped with the Real Relax chair for effective leg and lower back massage sessions. This feature reduces back pain, stress and helps to circulate blood well.

Total Body Massage: The chair is designed to massage your whole body rather than some specific body parts. Eight massage neck and back rollers are featured for an efficient neck and back session. There are 50 other airbags placed on the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet. An additional foot roller along with lower back heating options are there, you can use these if you need.

Customize Massage: Allowing you to customize functions to your needs. You can set rollers and airbags and decide which body parts you need to massage. You can also customize the speed and strength levels by 3, meanwhile, it will allow you to adjust the backup and down. All these customizations can be done with a simple press on the remote.

Note: The Bluetooth and auto features are for 30 minutes. The height limit is 6′1″ and the weight limit is 400 pounds.

The advantages of Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair are as follows:

  • One touch Zero Gravity Posture
  • Inbuilt heater
  • Easy customization for massage
  • Easy to assemble

The disadvantages of Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair are as follows:

  • Some massage functions can be a bit harsh depending on your body size and type

Final verdict: Real Relax zero gravity chair is super-efficient in all aspects but especially for lower back pain. Most of the users are pleased with its lower back massage option. It provides a lot of relief and lessens back pain. Also, there is no harm in using it every day. So, if you are a patient with lower back pain you should pick this one. Most importantly it’s affordable.

2. BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity with Full Body Air Pressure

BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity with Full Body Air Pressure

BILITOK produces one of the best value massage chairs for the people. It provides you a full body massage and the best part is you can completely stay in control with the chair while doing the work by the smart control system. The additional footrest extension is beyond ordinary and a quality feature for tall people. Let’s see the in-depth Bilitok massage chair review below.

Full Body Massage: Bilitok allows you to get a total body massage in one machine. To do that particularly, it has 8 fixed rollers that are assigned to massage on your back and waist. To provide you relief from tension and muscle fatigue, airbags are placed on the shoulders, arms, hips, and calves.

Zero Gravity: By the zero gravity design, you will have a virtually weightless massage. When you lean on your back fully and your feet stay higher than your heart lightens the load on your heart and gives a better experience.

Multifunctional Features: The chair allows you to pick your preferred massage mode and strength level with the help of a tablet remote control. It has 5 different preset massage modes to choose from. There are three layers of airbags, back massage rollers, foot massage rollers you will find in it.

Easy Smart Control: The chair is very easy to control. Smart technology has been equipped to select the massage program you want at the moment super quickly and hassle-free, as well as the machine, always will be in your control.

Footrest Extension: BILITOK has featured an additional footrest extension for tall people. The footrest can extend up to 5 inches so that if you are taller and above 6 feet and find it a little uncomfortable for your feet, you can extend the footrest to your comfort zone. It is an outstanding addition which is a pretty rare feature in low-budget massage chairs like this one.

Shiftable: The chair comes with a retractable footstool and a rolling wheel at the bottom that permits you to move it in the room wherever you want easily and smoothly. So finding the right corner for a session is never a hard decision anymore.

Bluetooth Design: You can connect your phone or a Bluetooth music device and enjoy your favorite songs while doing massage in the chair. So, it never gets boring.

Reasonable Packing: It comes in two different boxes to reduce the weight and ensure safe reaching to you. The transportation process is quite top-notch.

The advantages of BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity with Full Body Air Pressure are as follows:

  • Very easy to set up
  • Lots of massage options
  • Looks Very stylish and classy
  • Footrest extension allows taller people to use easily

The disadvantages of BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity with Full Body Air Pressure are as follows:

  • It can be quite a mess if your house is small as the chair is quite big in size

Final verdict: If you are a tall person and looking for a massage chair that fits you and is equally good while providing massage, BILITOK can be a better option for you.

3. BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

BOSSCARE manufactured some best budget massage chairs for the users. The entire body can be massaged by the airbags system and rollers for feet which are really relaxing. So many smart operations can be done to ease your experience and provide you the best value for your dollars. Let’s see how.

Zero Gravity: This is a must have feature that should always be in a massage chair recliner. BOSSCARE would never miss that out for sure. Comfortable posture with zero gravity makes you feel lighter. The feature minimizes the burden of your heart and provides relief from back pain.

Full Body Airbag Massage: The chair recliner is a package of a full-body massage. For each body part, it has airbags to do massage. The airbags are placed in different positions for a whole body massage and make you completely relaxed. The airbags are applied everywhere like shoulder, back, hip, feet, arm, and leg. Multiple massage rollers are also featured for completing the head to toe massage.

Environmental Protection Materials: Bosscare promised to use environmentally friendly materials in their products with more stylish and colorful looks. They have an expert team (more than 10 years of experience) to inspect each of the raw materials before using them to build one.

Multi-functional: Six different preset intelligent modes are offered with the chair. Along with this, you will also find 14 massage units and 3 levels of massage strength. Now, the control is in your hand, combine the smart functions according to your preference and make full use of it.

Footrest Extension: Basically, the chair is made for people who are between 5′3″ to 6′1″. But the footrest extension feature can make the height preference slightly negotiable. It can enhance the highest height preference from 6′1″ to 6′2″.

Bluetooth Speaker: As such, massage is a very relaxing and mind-refreshing activity, and imagine you are listening to your favorite songs while doing massage, what can be more exciting and heart soothing than this! Bosscare chair comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. You just need to connect your device and listen to whatever you freaking want to listen to.

Easy Installation: The whole parts are installed by the manufacturer before packaging. They left two main parts uninstalled which is as easy as pie to install by yourself no matter who you are and what you do.

Return Policy: They have a return policy if you do not like the chair and what to return them. To do that, you need to pay some charge and keep the original package you received with the chair.

The advantages of BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity are as follows:

  • Really simple to Install
  • Comfortability is at the peak
  • Footrest extension
  • The pillow can be adjusted in a comfortable position according to your body shape

The disadvantages of BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity are as follows:

  • The massage rollers are somewhat hard

Final verdict: If you are in a hurry or you don’t have much time for exercise and massages then this one can be your best partner. With this chair, you will relax after doing 5 minutes of massages.

4. SMAGREHO Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair

SMAGREHO Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair

SMAGREHO is really good for people who have pain in the lower back. Backrest rollers and waist heat therapy combinedly make a deadly combination that kills your lower back pain. It has some other incredible features as well. Let’s see what those features can do.

Zero Gravity: SMAGREHO comes with a zero gravity feature which is extremely beneficial for our heart and blood flow through it. The feature reduces the burden on our hearts and makes us feel lighter and relaxed than before.

Bluetooth Player: An inbuilt Bluetooth player has been added to make your session more fun and entertaining. By connecting the Bluetooth device with your phone you can play your favorite tracks or I would suggest you play some melodious ones. It will make you relax internally as well.

Full Body Massage: Airbags are placed everywhere to provide you better massage and relaxation throughout the whole body. The only place where it does not have any airbags is the back part. But the part is even thoughtfully made featuring 8 rollers to the backrest to provide relief from back pain.

Back Heat Therapy: To keep in mind the people who have mild problems with back pain, the electric chair comes with a back heat therapy feature. With those 8 rollers on the backrest, it has additionally a waist heater that enhances the efficiency of the chair and promotes blood circulation.

Versatile Massage Options: SMAGREHO offers 6 preset massage options and other massage units to choose from. What you need to do is set your goal and make a combination of the massage options which is really simple to do and you are set to do your preferred session.

Smart Operating: Till now what I have told above can be controlled and customized manually by using a remote. You can set methods or body parts individually, can adjust rollers and airbag strength and speed all by yourself. Everything is in control.

Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic design gives you a more comfortable and relaxing sitting position. Especially when you are reclining it feels great.

Footrests Extension: The footrest can be extended by 4.3 inches which is great for taller individuals. If your height is more than 6, this feature will come in handy for you.

The advantages of SMAGREHO Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair are as follows:

  • Back heat therapy works great for back pain
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ergonomic design for comfortability
  • Compression is quite good

The disadvantages of SMAGREHO Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair are as follows:

  • The timer is fine but I’m not happy with the 15 minutes timer
  • Upper back rollers are not that good as lower back rollers

Final verdict: The chair is really good for those people who are suffering from lower back pain. This chair works tremendously well on the lower back. So, It would be a good buy if you have lower back pain.

5. Ugears B-L1 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Ugears B-L1 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

Ugears is a full body shiatsu massage chair that comes along with a lot of great features to provide you great relaxation after a hard day. Intelligent technology makes your massage session more enjoyable and satisfactory. The most interesting part I found in this chair is the Thai massage option. All the features are discussed in detail below.

Zero Gravity: Ugears featured with the most important and common zero gravity function to ease your body and relax it even better. It helps to improve blood circulation as well as lightens your heart’s load. 

Auto Body Detector: Smart body detection technology has been incorporated with the chair to detect your body height automatically. After that, it adjusts the massage points and ranges by itself according to your body shape.

Full Body Air Massage: The chair lets you make full use of it. From your head to toe, every part of the body gets a massage option in this inexpensive massage chair. It comes with 32 massage airbags which help in doing your deep massage on your total body and sets you more relaxed.

Intelligent technology: So much smart technology has been offered with this chair. Like the 3D robot hands simulates human-like hand massages on so many parts including shoulder, neck, waist, back, and other parts. Foot roller massage along with so many preset massage options and units are really amazing.

Bluetooth Speaker: Making your massage session more amusing, Ugears built a Bluetooth speaker with the chair. The sound quality of the speaker is decent. Relaxing with music is more fun and so very possible with this one.

Thai Stretching Massage: This one is indeed an interesting feature to have in an affordable massage chair. The chair has Thai lacing which is kind of a Thai massage with a wide range. Although I am not sure how effectively and accurately this feature works, I didn’t hear any complaints either. 

Heating Function: Heating function on the waist is very effective in relieving back pain and assists you to improve metabolism as well as blood flow. This feature will make you feel stress free, tension free and relaxed.

The advantages of Ugears B-L1 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner are as follows:

  • Auto body detector will automatically adjust the massage points and ranges
  • Wide range of Thai massage 
  • 6 preset programs 
  • Easy setup

The disadvantages of Ugears B-L1 Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner are as follows:

  • You can’t use the bluetooth with your phone if you are an iPhone 12 user

Final verdict: The chair is full of intelligent features. But especially for back pain the chair is very much recommended. Again the most irritating part is the Bluetooth can’t support iPhone 12. So, If your phone is an iPhone 12, think before you buy.

6. FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair With Airbags

FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair With Air bags

FOELRO provides some quality features with their massage chairs. In this price range, you can’t ask for any better. The chair gives you a shiatsu-like massage in your whole body. Incorporated with lots of features. But not recommended for the people who mostly need a massage chair for shoulder massage as it is more focused on the back. Read more to know more.

Zero Gravity Design: FOELRO massage chair comes with a zero gravity design which is beneficial for our heart and blood circulation. The feature lessens the burden of the heart and lets blood circulate smoothly.

Full Body Massage: The chair provides a total body (from head to toe) massage. Shoulder, arms, buttocks, and legs are massaged with airbags combined with 8 rollers on the backrest to massage your back. Also, there are foot rollers to massage your feet that complete the total body that feels like a Shiatsu massage. For better back pain soaking, there is a feature called heat therapy in this chair.

Multiple Massage Style: The massage chair offers you 6 different massage options from which you can pick the one. You can choose any of the massage programs according to your mood and need. Also, you can set a timer of 15 minutes (Max 30 minutes) for the programs. 

Smart Features: After you finalize your massage option, you can customize between 3 choices of intensity and speed. Specifying message area, adjusting speed and intensity per your need all are in your hand and can be customized manually.

Bluetooth Music: The days of boring massage sessions are over since you can enjoy the massage while listening to your favorite songs. All is possible if the Bluetooth speaker is equipped with the chair. 

Extendable Footrest: The height limit is 6′1″. But FOELRO has extended the height limit for a little bit more by adding an extendable footrest. The footrest can be extended by 5 inches. This is pretty good.

Portable: Portable does not mean it can be carried wherever you want. It is portable only within your room as it has two wheels on the bottom. So, you can move the chair around the room.

The advantages of FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair With Airbags are as follows:

  • Very simple assembling
  • Footrest extension
  • Wide range of smart features
  • Moving around the room is possible 

The disadvantages of FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair With Airbags are as follows:

  • Remote does not have a backlight so you may find it hard to use it in the dark
  • Focused too much on the back that it somewhat lacks the shoulder and neck massage

Final verdict: If you are looking for inexpensive massage chairs, this one can be a wise choice. You will get a lot of options and especially for the back but if you are purchasing one focusing on your shoulder or neck I would suggest you to pick one from above.

7. Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

Want to experience a luxurious massage chair by outlook and features by investing less penny you can definitely have a look at this chair from Human touch. With smart functionality and design, the chair provides you with a full body massage. If you wish to aim for some particular body parts for massage, you will also find the customized massage option. 

Latest Technology: Unlike normal massage chairs, this one is engineered with intelligent technology called a 3D orbital system. The feature will deliver you a therapeutic massage and save you from uncomfortable pinching and friction. So, no more worries of unwanted pressure on the muscles.

Warm Air Massage Technology: The feature called “Warm Air Technology” is to point at the lumbar area and make you soothe and relax. Also, the technology helps prepare your muscles before you are going to have a deeply penetrating massage. You will feel like doing a warm oil massage.

Full Body Massage: The chair also comes with a whole body massage system. Though I don’t count it as the whole body since it does not have toe or feet massage facilities. Other than that you can have a massage for every part of the body. You can even target some of the individual parts of the body for massaging. And to do so you can pick from three stationary massage techniques as well as a glide massage. 

Figure-Eight Technology: This technology provides calves massages in an upward and wavy motion that results in smooth blood flow from your foot to your core and improves regular health.

Retractable Foot and Calf Massager: The chair was designed with CirQlation Technology and turned into a foot and calf massager. Guess what happens in this feature. It allows the chair to massage your legs in an upward motion which forces the blood to your body’s core and improves circulation. To serve you with leg relaxation, the Human Touch chair rotates into an ottoman and provides you a comfortable leg rest. 

Auto-Massage Programs: They are offering 5 super beneficial auto massage features in the chair. So, you have the authority to choose what massage you need. These programs include full, upper, lower, relax, and sleep massage. When you are doing one of them or some customized massage you can also set up the range and position.

Swivel Base: The chair can be rotated up to 55 degrees that will allow you to recline it to your sleeping position and also do your massage in that position (even sleeping).

The advantages of Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair are as follows:

  • Warm air massage technology enhances the effectiveness
  • Sturdy build up
  • Design and outlook is luxurious
  • Incorporated with latest technology
  • Takes a minimal space

The disadvantages of Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair are as follows:

  • Expensive compared to other ones
  • No in built bluetooth speaker

Final verdict: If you are looking for a good looking recliner massage chair with some quality features this one can be your ideal one. But it won’t come that cheap. You have to spend a little more compared to others. Also, you won’t get a Bluetooth speaker built in.

8. FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

If you want a massage chair for full body massage at a crazy cheap price FAVOLCANO is there for you. This is a complete toe to head massager chair with a variety of outstanding features. Unless you expect a really deep down massage at this price, this chair is really good to have. Especially for taller people. Find out why.

Full Body Airbag Massage: FAVOLCANO is packed with a total body massage program. It has airbags to massage every contour of your body to relieve tension and pain. The airbags are placed everywhere such as shoulder, back, hip, feet, arm, and leg. Multiple massage rollers (also in feet) are also equipped for completing the head to toe massage. 

Footrest Extension: People over 6 feet tall have a little benefit as the chair has an extendable footrest. The footrest can be extended by 5 inches.

Zero Gravity: Zero gravity feature is a basic requirement for any massage chair. The feature provides a comfortable posture like a sleeping position and makes you feel more relaxed. Zero gravity programs reduce the pressure from your heart and allow the blood to circulate well. It helps you to maintain good general health and provide relief from back pain.

Auto-Massage Programs: You will find six auto massage functions to get a massage from any of them. As well as it has a manual massage program that can be tailored in the setting. You should be able to specify body parts you want to massage and you can even adjust the speed and strength to precise them as your body needs.

Built-in Waist Heat: Built in waist heat is included to provide relief from back pain and tension. The heat basically prepares the lower back muscles before a deep massage and enhances the effect of the massage which assists to promote blood circulation.

Bluetooth Player: Listening to favorite songs while doing massage is really very relaxing and a mind-refreshing activity. It is mandatory for me. FAVOLCANO massage chair has a Bluetooth speaker inbuilt. Connect your device and listen to whatever you want to listen to.

Moveable: To move the chair around in the room there are two wheels behind. So, if you need to shift the recliner to anywhere else in the room or some other room that will be easy this time.

The advantages of FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner are as follows:

  • Cheap in price yet sturdy
  • Waist heat therapy works great for back pain
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for taller people

The disadvantages of FAVOLCANO Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner are as follows:

  •  Rollers for the neck are too high so it may lack in shoulder massage

Final verdict: Overall, according to the price, everything is good to go. Price is really very cheap for a full body massage chair. But it lacks the shoulder airbag massage somewhat. If hard shoulder massage is not mandatory for you then nothing wrong give it a shot.

What To Look For In An Inexpensive Massage Chair?

Cheap massage chair features

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity is a really good feature for a massage chair. It helps to reduce our stress and make us feel lighter by lessening the heart’s load. It also smoothens the blood circulation. To keep this in mind, all the chairs I recommended have this feature.

Footrest Extension

An extendable footrest is really beneficial for taller people. After researching, I found out that most of the massage chairs are compatible with around 6 feet tall. If you are a six feet plus guy, you should make sure the chair does have a footrest extension. 


This depends on the quality and features the chair is providing. But to be on the topic where I am talking about the cheapest massage chairs, you don’t have to think of the price for all those chairs. Despite having such facilities, features, and qualities, the price of each chair is budget-friendly. So, every penny will be worth it.

Massage Function

Before you get one, you should definitely check the massage functions that particular chair is offering. So first make a list of what your preferences are, what type of massage option you need then look for those functions and buy one which offers those.

Massage Airbags And Rollers

Airbag massage gives powerful massages that relieve pain, stress, and tension. Airbag pumps pressurized air into small pouches throughout the body and provides a great massage. But airbags are sometimes not capable enough for everyone. If you are confused with that you can have a chair that has both airbags and rollers combined for specific parts of the body.


Size is an important factor to consider before purchasing a massage chair. And there is no ideal size for a massage chair, it totally depends on the size of your house. If you have lots of space around the house then this should not be your concern.

Heat Therapy

If you have a bad back, you certainly need to look for a heat therapy function. It also eases blood flow and removes tension. Our recommended chairs have this feature to better your experience.

Recline function

Imagine there is no electricity and you want to relax for a bit, what do you do now? Well, the recline function is very helpful in such situations. You would find a recline option in all the chairs mentioned above.

Easy Functionality

Easy using makes the user experience better. The easier the chair is to use, the more useful it will be for the user. I have presented such products which are easy to assemble, customize and operate at the same time to ease your massage session.

Inexpensive Massage Chairs Vs Expensive Massage Chairs

Expensive vs cheap massage chairs

Generally, massage chairs are really expensive and we all know that very well. Even an Inexpensive massage chair will cost you around a thousand bucks. And you already know that expensive ones can cost 3 times or even more. But the question is, “do expensive massage chairs provide better service? Or Are inexpensive massage chairs bad?” The answer is ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ respectively for questions. 

Expensive chairs will definitely do better massage as it has so many massage options and functions. So many automatic features will make your massage even easier and expensive chairs are super sturdy. 

On the other hand, in an inexpensive massage chair, you may not find 20 or 30 options but think do you really need these options mandatory? The answer is no. When you can find all the necessary features within a massage chair under $1000 why would you spend more? 

I have presented the 8 best affordable massage chairs with great durability, massage options, and smart functionality. I have researched a lot, found out the basic and most necessary massage options people are looking for, and picked the ones that fully fill all those and cost you 3 times less.

So, in short, if you don’t have money issues, you can definitely choose expensive ones. But in case your budget is limited then you don’t need to go for extra features that would not make any sense. Rather, you should go for the ones that meet your preferences more but cost you less.

Can You Use These Massage Chairs Daily?

Yes, there is no harm in using a massage chair every day. But it will cost electricity so use wisely. And I recommend not to use your massage chair daily. For effective lower back, neck, or shoulder pain relief, use your chair giving your body some space. You can use three or four days in a week to get better and more effective results. And remember overuse can make it worse instead of making your health good. Also, it will consume a lot of electricity.

Are Cheap Massage Chairs Dangerous?

Not at all. Not necessarily always cheap things are bad. The best value massage chairs I picked above are well designed and developed with great features. Once you see the ratings and user reviews you will find out how good these chairs are. There is no reason to think that the lower the price, the lower the quality of the product. Our selected chairs are of high quality and are able to meet all your needs.


I have presented the eight best cheap massage chairs to you which are cheap in price but rich in features. I have covered everything about those products and discussed in detail each of the features and let you know how they work. You just patiently have to read each of the product details and see which one suits you better. To conclude the article, again suggesting you to go through all the features, pros, and cons of these chairs available in the above and pick the right one. If you need any further assistance, feel free to ping me.

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