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How Often Should You Use a Massage Chair? (Some Related FAQ’s)

We always stay busy with our regular works. Sometimes we get stressed, feel pain in certain body parts and mood swings also occur.

A massage chair can work as magic to bring your good moods back by giving you relief from pain, tension, and anxiety. This was the main purpose of inventing massage chairs. It helps to relax the tired muscles and release tension from our bodies.

The rollers vibrate around the specified body parts and airbags give air pressure to provide a comfortable massage. This massage helps a lot to release natural hormones name endorphins. A massage chair is not only a sign of luxury; it also comes with great health benefits that you can not imagine.

But how often should we use a massage chair? I’m going to give the answer below.

What Is A Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a large chair that is mainly designed to give people relief from pain by massaging the body parts with airbags and rollers. It gets energy from motors and moves rollers to roll over the body to massage the targeted areas. The modern chairs are designed in such a way that they will automatically adjust according to the width, weight, and height of the user.

Generally, you will find these massage chairs around you:

  • Traditional massage chairs.
  • Robotic massage chairs.

According to Wikipedia, robotic massage chairs are more updated than traditional chairs because they use electronic vibrators and motors to provide massage on one’s body. Actually, the features of massage chairs change with the change of brands. But the massage chairs having zero gravity features are the most popular.

Massage chairs are big, soft to touch, and comfortable to sit on. You can keep these chairs both at your home and office to get relief from stress and pain. When you feel pain or tired, you can sit on a massage chair for a few minutes to get relaxed with the magic massage.

The Main Reasons Behind Using A Massage Chair

Headache, pain in the back, muscle, shoulders, hands, upper and lower neck are the most common problems that we face in our everyday life. Mainly massage chair is invented to help people getting rid of these problems.

People take medicine to get relief from these problems based on the doctor’s prescription. But taking medicines for a long time can be harmful to your health.

Keeping these things in mind sometimes doctor suggests patients to use a massage chair. If you have any type of muscle pain, back pain, or neck pain, then it will give you relief by a great massage. It is proved that massage chair increases immunity and blood circulation by releasing natural hormones. See this video to know more:

Video Source: Horizons Health’s Youtube Channel

How Often Should You Use A Massage Chair?

If you are a beginner and just started to use a massage chair, then you should start slowly. Use your massage chair for 5 minutes in the first three weeks and help your body to get used to with it. Then you can use it for ten minutes in the next two weeks. Finally, after 5 weeks you will be able to use it for 15 minutes. In this way increase your time duration gradually.

This will help your body to get used to with the pressure of the massage chair. You can relate this chair with your everyday workout. Of course, you cannot lift 20 kg weight in one day. To lift weight smoothly you need to practice and gradually increase weight. If you do not increase weight gradually there is a high possibility of getting hurt.

The above situation is highly relatable with massage chairs. To avoid injury and do not want to worsen pre-existing injury use your chair for a short period of time initially. If you feel pain in multiple areas like the neck, muscle, or back, then provide a massage for five minutes in each area of pain. You can also provide massage to your whole body but only for fifteen minutes. To maintain your time nicely, use a timer every time while using it.

Our body releases toxic chemicals at the time of massage. So, drink plenty of water because it will help you to release toxic chemicals. Many people have different types of illnesses like heart disease, diabetics, blood pressure, etc. They must consult a doctor before using a massage chair to avoid any health issues.

Can You Use A Massage Chair Everyday?

You can use your massage recliner after every two days, which means three times a week. Excess use of the chair can worsen your previous injury. That is why you have to remain very careful about time management. You can make a schedule for using the chair according to your free time. Then use it by setting an alarm to get notified after certain minutes.

How Long Can You Sit On A Massage Chair?

You can use your massage chair for two to fifteen minutes to get relief from the pain from any part of your body. You can also follow the doctor’s suggestion. You will not be able to see a magnificent change overnight. To get the best result, keep patience and use your recliner by following some specific rules.

Sometimes the duration of massage may vary depending on body condition. But using the chair for a long time is not recommended because it can cause harm to the internal tissues of various organs without causing any extra benefits. It is not safe to use the chair for a long period of time. For getting the best results use it for fifteen minutes on certain days. To get satisfactory results you have to continue your massage for many days.

Are You Overusing Your Massage Chair?

Do not overuse massage chair

The time duration of using a massage chair and getting no benefits will help you to understand that you are overusing it. This chair is mainly designed to relax your body, to give your body relief from stress and strain. But sitting on the chair for hours will not cause any benefit to you. Instead of decreasing pain, your pain will increase. It can damage your interior tissue and cells and also can cause inflammation in your body. It can also hamper blood circulation in your body parts.

If these problems occur, then you need to understand that you are not using your massage chair in the right way. If you are a beginner, you must use your chair only for five minutes. I advise you to increase your time duration gradually with the passage of time. Also, take the doctor’s advice and follow them while using. Some modern massage chairs feature alarms on them so that the users can use them to get notifications.

Can A Massage Chair Hurt You?

The bitter truth is everything in this universe has both good and bad sides. This truth also works in the case of massage chairs. There are rollers in the massage chair which massage your body by applying pressure. Taking this pressure for a long time can hurt the tissues and cells of a specific organ. It can cause severe damage to tissues, muscles and can cause inflammation of muscles. The problem may not arise in one day.

If the massage continues continuously for a long time then, various health problems may occur. So you must remain very careful about time management. The best thing about top brands of Chinese and Japanese massage chairs is that they have the option of setting a timer. This alarm will keep you away from overusing the chair.


The massage chair is really helpful if it is used properly. To get relief from anxiety generally, we need to use it in our free time when we are at home. It is so comfortable and relaxing that you will want to sit here all day long.

But if you do this for a long time it will harm your muscles without doing any good. These chairs work great for those who are suffering from depression and mental health problems. You can find a wide variety of affordable massage chairs on my website. Based on comfortable, features, and budget you can choose your favorite massage chair from here.

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