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How To Choose An Awesome Massage Chair?

Finding the perfect massage chair for your specific needs can be a challenge. And if you complicate things and ending up selecting the wrong massage chair, you’ll pay for it later.

As a result, knowing how to choose a massage chair, what to look for, and what factors characterize a chair suitable for you is always a good idea. All of this and more will be covered in this article, which will clear up any misconceptions you may have and turn you into a massage chair expert. Let’s investigate this further.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Good Massage Chair

There are so many vital factors appear when you decide to purchase a massage chair. And you should never ignore these factors. Let’s find out in detail.

1. Massage Functions As You Need

You should know about your needs and then find a massage chair that offers those features. Actually, low-end chairs feature more functions than simple vibration and rolling massage and high-end chairs come with a wide range of features. The vital features that most users need and most chairs have are:

  • Preset function menu
  • Roller intensity: Basic- 2D roller, Adjustable- 3D roller and  variable- 4D roller
  • Heat therapy
  • Zero gravity & inversion therapy
  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Shiatsu
  • Tapping
  • Reflexology
  • Vibration
  • Sound therapy
  • Space-saving Technology

See what are those signature features that you need compulsorily and then choose a chair that offers those.

2. Affordability

The price depends on many factors. Before selecting a decent affordable massage chair, consider the following factors: functions, technology, customizability, upholstery, your needs, accessibility, and so on. However, first-time buyers may be surprised by the cost of massage chairs.

Massage chairs are generally highly expensive. They can cost you in price from $3000 to $10,000. However, there are several high-quality, well-functioning massage chairs available under $2000. As a result, you must carefully measure everything and choose one that is both adequate and affordable. Also, keep in mind that visiting a therapist on a regular basis will cost you more money than a permanent massage chair.

3. Massage Areas

Massage chairs cover almost all the areas but especially focus on the back. Not all massage chairs offer full-body massage, but the majority do. Basically, Those chairs which give full body massage additionally massage areas such as leg, foot, arm, hand, etc. Generally, the massage is provided by airbags and massage rollers spread on the entire body. However, as a customer, you should keep your priorities and objectives in mind and choose a chair that meets those criteria.

4. Massage Rollers And Tracks

Be sure of the range of massage rollers before you buy a chair. The range varies with the tracks. There are several tracks such as S-Track, L-Track, SL-Track, etc. L track covers a wide range of areas from neck to glutes. S track, on the other hand, goes from the neck all the way down to the lower lumbar area, following the natural S curvature of the spine. In numerical measurement, L tracks are typically 47”–52” long where S tracks are 30”–32”. So, choose a roller track that offers more and better area coverage. L track is our recommendation.

5. Space Saving

Choose a chair that is designed with space-saving technology. This is a very important factor to remember. It can be possible that your house is small so you have to place the chair closer to the wall. And the reason is you just can’t put a chair middle of the room because if you put it near the wall it may be a problem when it reclines. That’s why you should check for space-saving technology. With this technology, You just have to keep 3 inches distance from the back wall. When the chair reclines, it slides forward, saving room not taking any space backward.

6. Massage Airbags

Airbag massage provides a great massage that helps in relieving, stress, and tension. Inflated airbags compress your muscles, promoting blood flow and relieving aches and pains. But airbags aren’t always enough for all. And Massages with airbags are distinct from those using rollers. If you’re still puzzled whether airbags will work properly for you or not, you can get a chair with both airbags and rollers. The combination of airbag and roller massage can provide a highly effective full-body massage for pain and tension relief.

7. Heated Massage

If you suffer from a bad back, you should opt for a chair with a heat therapy feature. The heated function is one of the most advanced features that the latest massage chairs offer. It promotes blood flow and removes tension and relaxes your muscles significantly. Heated treatment can be a lifesaver for anyone suffering from arthritis, inflammation, tight joints or muscles, or deep tissue pain. The heater is typically located at the chair’s waist.

8. Body Scan Technology

Body scan technology is the most advanced feature you will find in massage chairs. This feature allows you to sit in your comfortable position. Then it will figure out your massage points automatically and set the rollers and airbags accordingly. That means every time you sit in your massage chair, get a perfect massage. So, don’t forget to see whether your chair has this feature or not.

9. Recline Function

Most of the premium massage chairs come with a variety of reclining options. But the most important and beneficial reclining feature is zero gravity. So, make sure yours is a zero gravity massage chair. Zero gravity ensures better relaxation, back pain relief, improving lung efficiency and blood flow. In a zero-gravity position, your feet stay higher than your heart and create a posture that reduces heart load and prepares your body for a deep and effective massage.

10. Massage Intensity

Choose a chair that offers a variety of customizable intensity levels. As you begin, you will require a gentle massage because you are unfamiliar with it. However, as time passes, your body will acclimatize to the intensity of your massage chair. As a result, you’ll need harder massages. You have more possibilities if you choose a chair with a higher number of motors that are highly powerful to deliver maximum intensity. There are also 2D, 3D, and 4D intensity levels you can check for and choose.

11. Massage Programs

Generally, a massage chair comes with 3 to 30 preset massage programs. After a long hard day, you certainly wouldn’t want to deal with the complicity of a remote or chairs controller. In that case, these options are really easy to use since they are preset and assigned to deliver unique and scheduled massage. However, you’ll never require 30 applications, so only take the ones you actually use. As a result, you save money by not purchasing unnecessary extras. Also, make sure that these programs can be customized as per your need and preference. 

12. Massage Chair Upholstery

Traditionally genuine leather is the primary choice for massage chairs furnishings. But nowadays most high-end massage chairs are made with synthetic fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are made of more heat and wear-resistant and are long-lasting. Because there will be a lot of movement and heat generated while you use the chair, your massage chair should be able to withstand every day, long-term use.

13. Health Benefits

You should definitely check what health benefits your massage chair can provide you. It is a very sensitive factor. See carefully the massage options and what body parts it provides massage. And make sure it offers the benefit of Chronic back pain, Sciatica, improved posture, improved circulation, stress reduction, post-workout pain reduction, and lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

14. Ease Of Use

It may not sound that important but it is the most important feature. Your enjoyment of relaxation will be vanished out if your chair is confusing and hard to operate. But thankfully now most of the chairs come with an easy operating touch screen or one-touch remote control. Some of the high-end chairs even feature voice control. Though you don’t have to worry much about this, you should check the controller once at least before you get one.

See this animated cartoon video to know more about the characteristics of a good massage chair:

Video Source: Miuvo Massagers Youtube Channel

Some Of The Best Massage Chair Brands 

Now that you know how to choose a massage chair basics let’s move on to a shortcut. Yes, you got it right. The brand says it all for the product. Best brands make the best products. So, make sure to get your chair from a well-known brand that has a good customer satisfaction rate. Let’s know some of the best massage chair brand names-

  • Human Touch
  • Kahuna
  • Osaki
  • Titan
  • Real Relax
  • Apex
  • Infinity
  • Ugears
  • Bosscare 
  • Luraco
  • Panasonic
  • Inada
  • uKnead
  • Dreamwave
  • Johnson Wellness
  • Synca
  • Positive Posture

How To Make Sure Your Massage Chair Is Safe?

After buying the chair, keep some factors in mind that point out that your chair stays safe. Safety should always be our first priority. Let’s find out the things you should look after to make sure the safety-

  • A comprehensive warranty is a must
  • Register yourself with the manufacturer
  • Avoid using blankets, pillows, or other combustible material when it is on
  • Never leave it on when not using
  • Avoid adapters rather use long cords directly plugged into the socket
  • Install residual current device or RCD
  • Always unplug the cord from the socket after use
  • Make sure the chair is manufacturing and safety standard 


Now that you know how to choose a massage chair, make sure to consider these things whenever you purchase a chair. Never make haste before buying any massage chair. Because it is directly related to your health as well as costs you a lot of money. So, the wrong purchase can put your money and health in danger. Be careful!

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