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How To Take Care Of Your Massage Chair? (Follow 9 Awesome Tips)

Buying a massage chair is similar to make an investment. You must be very careful before investing your money in it. To enjoy the benefits of investment lifelong, proper care and maintenance are required. After buying a massage chair, a common question that comes to our mind is;

Does it last long?

The short answer is, if you take care in the right way, then your chair must give you a longer service. But how to take care of a massage chair properly?

In this article, I will give a quick idea about the proper way of caring for your expensive massage chair.

Why Do You Need To Take Care Of Your Massage Chair?

Every item we use in our daily life will get damaged sooner or later. Appropriate care can delay their damage rate. Normally a massage chair is quite expensive and so you will never want that your investment will be damaged within a short period of time. Only proper use, care, and maintenance can make your investment profitable.

A massage chair comes with a lot of benefits both for your body and mind. It removes your back pain, headache, neck pain, and leg pain. The rollers roll over the selected parts of your body and provide massage. This massage is very effective for releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and pain from your body.

To enjoy these advantages for a long time the importance of taking care of your massage chair is immense. Proper care reduces the possibility of damage to a great extent.

Some Tips For Maintaining Your Massage Chair

To ensure the best performance of your chair you must have to do some specific tasks. Though most of the massage chairs are durable but still proper maintenance is essential. Let me describe them:

1. Keep The Leather Well Polished

The leather of the massage chair may get dull after using it for few months. As a result, your massage chair will look older than expected. To give your chair a new glazy look you must polish it after a certain period of time. A leather conditioner will help you a lot in this regard.

2. Select The Correct Power Cable

The main source of energy of a massage chair is the power of electricity. To ensure the best performance you must choose the correct power cable. Your massage chair may not properly work if there is any problem with the connection or if any loose connection occurs. In this situation, you must contact the vendor immediately to change the cable. It is good to have a power cable and spare adapter to keep as a backup. 

3. No need To Do Frequent mechanical maintenance

As massage chair has a complex design so you do not need any mechanical maintenance. If you face any problem with your chair contact the experts. In this case, stop using your chair to avoid any injury.

4. Keep A Surge Protector

It is essential to keep a surge protector in order to avoid any type of damage. It is an additional expense but its price is not high. Weather is changing rapidly and so you may face natural disasters any time anywhere. So keep a surge protector.

5. Observe The Sounds

A massage chair sometimes can make weird sounds while using. It generally happens if there is any type of internal problem with the functions of the chair. In this situation avoid using the chair and contact the technician immediately. 

6. Avoid Squeezing Yourself On Massage Chair

While buying a massage chair you must ensure that it is able to bear your weight and size. In recent days a massage chair can hold from 200 to 350 pounds and while using it you should not squeeze yourself. Each massage chair has a certain load-bearing capacity. That chair can crumble quickly if the provided weight is more than its capacity. So you must be very careful about weight capacity and your comfortability while choosing a massage chair

7. Read The Users Guide Carefully

Every massage chair comes with a notebook of user guides for ensuring a better user experience for beginners. A beginner must go through the guidelines very carefully in order to handle their chair properly. These guidelines will help you to navigate and understand the functions easily. 

8. Do Not Eat And Drink On Your Massage Chair

We want to sit comfortably on our massage chairs and want to enjoy our snacks. But it is better not to do any type of tasks like sleeping, eating, and drinking after sitting on your massage chair. The food particles can easily get into the vacant places and sometimes it becomes difficult to bring them out. Sometimes accidentally a glass of drink may fall on the chair which can be very harmful. 

9. Keep Your Massage Chair Away From Sunlight

According to Buffalojackson.com, harmful UV rays emitted from the sun can cause damage to your chair especially if it is made of leather. Direct contact with sunlight for a long time can cause cracking and fading. 

How Should You Clean Your Massage Chair?

Cleaning a massage chair is an important part of its maintenance. To keep the appearance of a massage chair beautiful you must clean its surface regularly. While cleaning you must focus on the areas that come in contact with the skin and get dirty quickly. 

Also, clean the corners nicely. If you need to move your massage chair, move it first and then clean. Use a mild detergent if your chair is made of natural materials and also remove dirt by spraying. Use a spray bottle to spray.

Swipe the surface with a soft cloth and remove the dust particles. After that mix mild soap with water and gently rub the outer surface without applying any pressure. It will keep the surface smooth, clean and makes the chair long-lasting.

Cleaning The Leather Upholstery

The leather of the massage chair can be made of synthetic leather or natural leather. The cleaning process of leather upholstery is complicated due to its complex structure. The cleaning procedure of both natural and synthetic leather chairs is almost the same.

Avoid using detergents to clean the surface of the massage chair because it can damage the leather. The harsh detergent may cause damage to the outer surface of the chair.

For a natural leather chair, you can use a weight sponge to wipe the outer surface of the chair. In the case of synthetic leather, you can wipe its outer surface with a wet piece of cloth. You must dry the outer surface of the chair after wiping it. Avoid using oils because it doesn’t dry easily.


As massage chairs come with a lot of benefits so it is a good decision to keep them at home. Visiting a place to get a massage is both energy and time-consuming. The most important feature of all massage chairs is to relax your body and to give relief from pain. Your huge money will be wasted due to a lack of proper care. So keep at least 15 minutes in a day only to take care of your favorite massage chair.

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