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How To Use A Massage Chair | Know The Proper Way

It’s important to know how to use a massage chair properly so that you don’t put yourself at any unwanted risk. Also, using massage chairs with proper guidance will relax your body even faster. In this article, I’ll walk you through the advantages of using a massage chair, as well as some useful tips on using a chair. Without further delay, let’s dig right into deep to discover the solution for you.

Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair In The Proper Way

There are really too many advantages to using a massage chair to list. It benefits both your physical and emotional health. Although the benefits are not the same for everyone, a massage chair should usually deliver the following benefits.

Pain relief: Massage chairs are designed to provide relief from pain. The usage of a massage chair on a regular basis significantly lowers muscle discomfort. Airbags and rollers are placed on each tense muscle to deeply and thoroughly massage it. As a result, tight muscles loosen up and you feel more relaxed and relieved. Many massage chairs feature zero gravity and heat therapy, both of which are quite useful in reducing pain, particularly in the back.

Reduces headaches: The head is where all of the body’s functions come together. The tensing of your body’s muscles impacts your head and results in a headache. Muscle tension is reduced by massage chairs, which in turn reduces headaches.

Faster post-workout recovery: Exercising causes your body to create lactic acid, which leads to fatigue and tension in your muscles. Massage chairs reduce the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles and speed up the recovery process after a workout session.

Improves blood circulation and lower heart rate: Regular usage of a massage chair increases heart efficiency and improves blood circulation which helps to keep your heart healthy. It also lowers the heart rate by reducing excess workload from the heart.

Improves immune system: Massages stimulate your muscles, which helps your immune system function better. Massage chairs assist you to relax your muscles even if they are tense, and they also help your muscles become more active. As the muscles work harder, the immune system responds by strengthening itself.

Improves mental health: A massage chair helps you improve not only physical health but also mental health. It’s true that it doesn’t directly affect emotional health. However, when it massages your body, alleviates your pain, fatigue, and exhaustion, and makes you feel completely relaxed, you’ll find yourself in a more stable state. So, you get a refreshed mind when you are entirely calm.

How To Use Your Massage Chair

The basics of using a massage chair are power on, sitting properly, choosing the preferred programs/customizing one, and enjoying the massage. These things are pretty basic and everyone knows. Let’s know something beyond basics.

1. Start Slowly

start to use your massage chair slowly

If you’re a beginner, go gradually and learn as you go. As it turns out, there is a very good reason for cautioning newbies to take their time. Beginners have no idea what a massage chair’s different massage programs, strengths, and speeds do. They also have tighter muscles, so proceed slowly and get your muscles used to use the chair to avoid conflict.

Don’t overdo it the first week. Keep it one or two sessions per week. Then progressively raise the number by two or three each week. Use your chair as much as you like when you feel like your body can handle increased speed, intensity, and massages. 

2. Explore What Your Chair Is Offering

Discover the settings on your chair to get the most out of it. A massage chair comes with a lot of massage programs and other functions. Not all of the options will be necessary for your work. The only way to find out what you actually need is to dig through the settings and discover it for yourself. 

Also, choose the best customized massage program and adjust airbags and rollers so that you are well-fitted in the chair to experience an effective massage. Exploring the settings will be very easier as the massage chairs come along with a user-friendly controller.

3. Be Specific And Stick To Your Problem Areas

As I said earlier, do not overdo anything. Start identifying the trouble spots in your body that could benefit from a massage. After that, only work on the afflicted muscles. Most massage chairs allow you to customize the functions as your need. So, customize the chair to your preferences and place the massage airbags/rollers where you need them. You’ll see faster and better progress if you continue to concentrate on the areas that require actual attention.

4. Clean And Maintain The Chair Properly 

To get the most out of your chair, make sure it’s clean and well-maintained. After you’ve used the chair, make an effort to clean it right away. Disconnect the cord when finished using it, and turn it off while not in use. It will continue to operate as long as you use it consistently. Most importantly, keep it out of direct sunlight and away from pets and small children.

5. Maintain Right Time Duration

15 minutes are well enough to get a proper massage session which can relax you by eliminating pain and muscle soreness. So, 15 to 20 minutes are ideal for anyone.

If you are not new and already used to a massage chair, you can use it every day. But it totally depends on the ability of your body. In general, using a massage chair 4 to 5 days a week is considered the best practice.


Now that you’ve learned how to use a massage chair properly, make sure you follow these procedures precisely. This will put you one step ahead of others who are unaware of those facts. Additionally, as a newbie, there is a high chance of injury. Therefore, if you know how to use it effectively, you can avoid this unwanted risk.

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