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5 Best Japanese Massage Chairs Review (Top Brands 2022)

Most people find it difficult to choose among the thousands of Japanese massage chairs available on the market today. Because they’re so expensive and contain such complicated mechanisms, even a small mistake might result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue. That’s why I am writing this blog, which can serve as a guide to help you find your way.

By reading this post, you’ll learn how to pick the best chair for your needs, or you can choose from among the five options I’ve offered with detailed information. The benefits and downsides of a Japanese massage recliner are also explained. So, without further delay, let’s jump into the main section.

Best Japanese Massage Chairs (Updated List)

I have listed the top five japan made massage chairs from the market which are well capable of fulfilling all your needs. These all are well tested and known for their qualities. Let’s dig in deep.

1. OHCO M.DX Luxury Massage Chair

OHCO M.DX Luxury Massage Chair

OHCO M.DX is a high-end massage chair with a wealth of innovative features. This massage chair is ergonomically built to provide relaxation and health benefits. With its whole-body massage and 4D Body Scan paired with entire body heating, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in the room of a skilled human therapist.

Rear Swing Doors: Back swinging doors on the OHCO M.DX chair make it simple to get in and out. Seating comfortably will no longer be a problem for you from now on. It’s designed like the doors of your car. Just open the door and take a seat without any effort on your part.

Height-Adjustable Shoulder Air Cells: There are two shoulder air cells placed on each shoulder. After a long day of exertion, a shoulder massage is really necessary to further relax our bodies. The best thing is that the air cells are height adjustable, so whatever your height, you can set them directly on your shoulder.

Versatile Massage Programs And Settings: The OHCO massage chair has plenty of features and programs to help you get the most out of your massage. There are 14 pre-programmed options to help you relax, loosen up sore muscles, and get rid of tension and pain. You’ll get 8 manual sessions in addition to the auto programs, so you’ll get the most bang for your buck and feel better all over.

Full Body Massage: There are multiple air cells and rollers equipped on the chair. These are designed to help you relax completely by reducing stress and discomfort in your muscles. Airbags cover the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and legs. Massages are provided to all parts of your body, including your fingers and forearm. Roller massages are used on your back and feet to relieve stress and pain.

Total Body Heat: The body heat technology allows you to relax your body muscles and prepare them for an intense massage. It also aids in the alleviation of back and other physical aches, as well as eases the whole body.

Auto Body Scan: This massage chair has an auto body detect feature built in to ensure that you receive a correct massage at precise pressure areas. It scans the whole body and detects the exact massage points and places the airbags and rollers accordingly. Which results in an effective and proper massage.

4D Massage: OHCO has intelligent 4D massage technology that seems to be exact human hand massage, which relaxes you even more. In 4D, the roller intensity is automatically adjusted. Wherever the rollers detect a tight muscle, they slow down and spend extra time massaging that area. If additional pressure is required, 4D enables them to do so.

SL Track: This Massage Chair is equipped with an SL track that massages the entire body from head to buttocks. S track rollers provide a more thorough massage of the neck and lower back. While the L track is a broader version of the S track that descends directly from the head to the buttocks.

Zero-Gravity Recline: The chair comes with a zero-gravity recline feature that assists you in better heart health, increases blood flow and metabolism.

Bluetooth Speakers With USB Power Port: The massage chair has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favorite tunes while getting a massage. Charge your phone or other low-powered gadgets with the USB power port that is also equipped.

Multi-Language Remote Control: Remote control lets you operate the chair and make changes to its settings. You can select your preferred language from a variety of languages on the remote control.

Space-Saving Technology: Space-saving technology saves you a lot of space as it fits in a small space and doesn’t take any backward space while reclining. Two to three inches away from the wall is good enough.

What I Like:

  • Easy to access and use
  • 14 pre-programmed and 8 manual massage options
  • Space-saving technology saves you space
  • Auto body scan technology to provide massage accurately

What I Don’t Like:

  • The price is very high

Final Verdict: If you’re looking for a more intense version of a typical massage, this is the chair for you. Countless options can give you every solution you require.

2. CirC Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

CirC Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

CirC massage chair is equipped with a variety of unique and powerful functions designed to give you remarkable relief. The design is quite appealing and compact, which fits your home perfectly and looks fantastic. Although it lacks a foot massager. However, being a Japanese chair, CirC by Synca wellness is quite affordable while still having a lot of outstanding features.

Real Hand Massage: This Synca CirC massage chair comes with advanced technology that mimics a human therapist method of kneading to make you feel human hand massage. That means you can enjoy a more realistic massage experience. The intensity of the massage can be adjusted from gentle to strong.

Variety Of Massage Programs And Settings: CirC offers you numerous massage programs to choose from and set for yourself. You can simply select any of the pre-programmed options and get a whole-body massage. Otherwise, you can customize the setting to your specific needs and get a massage accordingly. So, according to your mood, muscle tension, and tiredness, you can either choose a preset program or a customized massage setting.

Lower Body Core Movement: Synca CirC provides hip massage and loosens up the muscles of the base of the spine. As a result, tight muscles in your lower body get a proper massage which eases back pain and normalizes your movement.

Comfortable Accommodation: The chair comes with an ergonomic design that ensures the comfortability of the users. Seating position, height, and weight adjustment are pretty up to the mark. So you are getting an effective massage while sitting very comfortably on the chair.

Compact Design: The interior design is very compact that fits every house no matter how big or small it is. The round shape provides an awesome look that enhances the beauty of your room and saves you space.

SL Shape Roller: This chair features an SL roller track that covers a wider range of areas from the neck all the way to the buttocks. To be more specific, The track frame is designed for neck, back, waist, shoulder, and buttocks massage. SL track lets your spine and muscles be more relaxed.

Heat Therapy: Heat is provided from the waist to the back for enhancing the effectiveness of the massage. The heat therapy will help you to get rid of back pain and let you enjoy a hot spa.

Ambient Lighting: Lights on both sides of the headrest produce a delicate glow, similar to that of a candle. The direction of your relaxation is highlighted by a gentle orange light.

What I Like:

  • Real hand massage technology
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Lower body movement free up tight back muscles
  • Really affordable price

What I Don’t Like:

  • Average height people may find it challenging to get proper neck massage

Final Verdict: Want to have a deep tissue massage more often, but your budget won’t allow it? Then the best solution for you is to get this chair that comes really affordable and provides a great benefit to relax even more.

3. OHCO M.8 Luxury Massage Chair

OHCO M.8 Luxury Massage Chair

OHCO M.8 is another high-rated Japanese massage chair. The M.8 is an elegant combination of contemporary design, cutting-edge technology that provides you with better relaxation than any other chair. It is very consistent while serving you and very effective in incorporating enjoyment and relaxation into your everyday life. Let us explore the details in order to gain a better understanding of this beast.

MaxTrack: The MaxTrack, also known as the SL roller track, is included with the M.8 luxury massage chair. This track has a broader range of coverage, going all the way up down to the upper hamstrings. Ultra-thin and silent quad humanized mechanisms are built into the SL-track frame. You’ll feel less pain and anxiety as a result.

Rear Swing Doors: The chair has swing doors on both sides that allow you to get access easily. You don’t need to struggle while sitting, just open any side of the door and get in very comfortably.

Height-Adjustable Shoulder Air Cells: Like the M.DX model, this one also has adjustable shoulder air cells. That ensures you’ll get a perfect shoulder massage every time. Simply sit back, adjust the air cells to your desired height, and place them over your shoulder. The chair should do the rest.

14 Auto Programs With 9 Manual Sessions: OHCO M.8 features 14 preset massage programs which is a huge number to choose from. As a result, this chair is equipped with every solution you need for your body. For those in need of a more specific massage, there are nine manual options available.

4D Massage: 4D massage rollers provide you with a human hand-like massage. This technology creates the sensation of receiving a massage from a human therapist, as the roller’s intensity is automatically adjusted.

Full Body Coverage: Airbags and rollers are strategically placed throughout the body to provide a full-body massage. The auto body scan technology automatically detects the massage points, allowing the bags and rollers to be placed in the optimal locations. As a result, you’ll receive an ideal massage in the proper locations.

Total Body Heat: The body heat technique provides pain alleviation. It relaxes tense muscles and primes them for a strong massage. 4D rollers are extremely effective when used with body heat technology.

Zero Gravity: The chair includes a very useful lie-flat zero gravity feature. The chair is lowered to zero gravity, maintaining an elevated position for your legs above your heart. This results in a more comfortable environment which reduces the workload on the heart and improves circulation.

Wall Hugging: Due to the upward reclining of the wall-hugging technology, it takes up little room. That is why you do not need to maintain a great deal of space surrounding the chair. A few inches from the wall is okay.

Multi-Language Remote Control: The remote control enables you to operate the chair and adjust its settings. On the remote control, you can select your favorite language from a list of available languages.

Bluetooth Speaker: To make your massage session more enjoyable and soul-soothing, there is an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker. So, you can tune in to your favorite song and enjoy your session at a time on a particular device.

What I Like:

  • Comes with a zero-gravity feature with multiple recline option
  • A built-in Bluetooth speaker with great sound quality
  • Wall hugging feature saves you space
  • 14 preset and 9 manual massage options with numerous advanced features

What I Don’t Like:

  • As usual not affordable for everyone

Final Verdict: High-tech features will help you feel utterly calm and refreshed. This massage chair will serve as your one-stop shop for all of your needs. In other words: If you want a strong massage on a regular basis with auto-adjusting features, this is the one to get.

4. Inada DREAMWAVE Massage Chair

Inada DREAMWAVE Massage Chair

Inada DREAMWAVE is one of the best and most popular massage chairs in the market. Manufactured from Japan, this chair has a potential design and is engineered with several exclusive and innovative features and functionalities. With its full body massage with 3D Body Scan, Infrared Heating, and Body Stretch, you will get a professional massage experience in your room.

Zero-Gravity Recline: Zero-Gravity is a crucial feature of this chair since this technology provides more benefits to the massage. It allows for a more in-depth and complete massage to be provided. But one downside is that this massage chair comes with only one position.

S-Track Rollers: This massage chair has S-Track technology that you’ll love. With a 3D body scan capability, the rollers may be placed precisely where you want them to be on your spine. It fits your body like a glove and works wonders on trouble spots like your neck and shoulders.

Full Body Stretch: The Inada chair also has a body stretch function that is quite soothing. If you have persistent back discomfort, this feature may soon become one of your favorites. The chair relieves strain on spinal discs and improves blood flow by gently but forcefully extending your body while employing airbags to keep you in position.

Air Massage Mode: There are 101 airbags placed strategically throughout the chair, which is a pleasant surprise from Inada. Aside from that, you have a lot of control over it; you can adjust the air pressure and determine which part of your body the bags should target.

Infrared Heating: The use of heat as a therapeutic tool is not new. When exposed to heat, blood vessels widen, allowing more oxygen to circulate through the body. This Inada massage chair has an infrared heating system, and this heating pad is located in the seat and lower back.

Advanced Remote Control: This massage chair includes a remote hand system to control all the programs. With this Remote, you will be able to control massage width, 3D intensity, roller speed, vibration and heat, and many more functions. The remote is easy to control, with clearly labeled buttons.

What I Like:

  • Full body massage with 3D body scanner
  • Infrared heating on the seat as well as back
  • Customizable timer and adjustable ottoman
  • Customizable massage preference with remote

What I Don’t Like:

  • It has no MP3 connectivity feature
  • It will be a bit challenging to assemble

Final Verdict: This massage chair is really comfortable and simple to operate. It is ergonomically built to fit people of different heights and sizes. Most importantly, this chair may be used numerous times every day. Therefore, if you require daily massages, you can give it a try.

5. JP1100 Made In Japan 4D Massage Chair

JP1100 Made In Japan 4D Massage Chair

The JP1100 massage chair by Synca Wellness is one of the advanced massage chairs that has been engineered by Japanese technicians. It is the very first Japanese recliner which includes a foot roller as part of the system. In addition, this chair has 4D rollers, airbags, remote control, a memory feature, and a contemporary body design.

Advanced 4D Massage: The JP1100 is equipped with the most modern dual-layer physical scanning system with advanced 4D deep massage. The massage rollers may now move in three directions, thanks to this robot, which also has a speed adjustment feature. In addition, the use of dual sensors maximizes the effectiveness of the massage by adjusting the duration and depth of the strokes.

Touchscreen Controls: You’ll immediately get comfortable with the massage chair’s innovative touch screen remote controller. Using the remote control, users can choose various massage programs, change the intensity, and modify the airbags all at the same time.

Dual Heaters: Dual heaters warm the spine muscles and foot soles. The two heaters aid in increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin, where massaging rollers may improve circulation. These warmers also help loosen up tight muscles for a better massage. These two heaters may be regulated separately.

12 Massage Courses: The JP1100 chair has 12 distinct massage courses, each lasting seven minutes. These massage classes are meant to relieve muscular tightness. In addition, six body-specific massages, three deep muscle kneading massages, as well as three flexibility massages are included.

21 Auto-Courses: This massage chair features 21 pre-set auto-massage programs, and these programs use 81 distinct massage methods. You can choose four types of 30-minute, neck, and shoulders, waist-centric, three types of stretching, five types of full-body, and a memory program.

Dual Heating Pads: This advanced massage chair also includes dual heating pads near the feet’ soles and spinal muscles. These heating pads help to improve blood circulation by working continuously. They also assist in drawing blood close to the skin. This chair may assist in relieving tight or painful muscles.

Position Of Flat Reclining: The JP1100 massage chair can recline to almost a flat position of 180 degrees. Between massage sessions, you may use this tool to stretch out your whole body. Using the roller heads while completely reclining is a great experience.

What I Like:

  • Advanced 4D deep massage technology
  • It has exceptional quality massage rollers
  • It has cutting-edge foot massage technology
  • Virtually flat reclining posture for finest massage

What I Don’t Like:

  • It has no zero-gravity reclining feature
  • This massage chair is too much expensive

Final Verdict: This chair includes the most automatic massage features, allowing you to have a full body massage with a single click. This model also includes an additional heating pad to help alleviate back discomfort more quickly. If you have lower back pain, this is a better option. However, keep in mind that this chair does not include zero-gravity reclining.

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Buying Guidelines

Buying guidelines for Japanese recliners

Japanese chairs are higher in price and come with a lot of options that may confuse you. That is why you need to know some basic factors to choose the right chair in the right way.


You must consider the size factor from two separate angles. First, determine whether or not the chair you wish to purchase is the correct size for your home. Measure the room, entrance where you wish to put the chair. Look for a chair that is compact in size. The second factor is the size of the person who will use the chair. The size of the chair should fit comfortably for the user’s size.  Otherwise, you will fail to receive the proper massage and relaxation.

Weight Capacity

Check the weight capacity of your chosen chair to see if it can support your weight. If the weight capacity is less than your weight, it will be a concern. As a result, it will be unable to provide you with the ideal massage you need. In the lower body, where your body weight will be, you will feel almost nothing.


One of the most key aspects to consider is the materials of the chair. An excellent massage chair is made up of a variety of components, including high-quality fabrics, springs, webbing, and padding. For massage chairs, the most common types of leather are polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You’re free to go with any of these options. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t become too focused on the materials and instead consider how the chair will fit in with the rest of the room’s decor.

Massage Types They Offer

Basic massage types that you should find in a Japanese recliner are ‘Shiatsu’, ‘Kneading’, and ‘Rolling’. Shiatsu focuses on the specific areas of the body while Kneading applies pressure to more parts of the body such as the back, arms, and legs. However, rolling involves sweeping motions with the back, neck, and feet.

Zero Gravity Position

In particular, keep an eye out for features like Zero gravity. It’s a comfortable lying position to relax that also has numerous health advantages. When you lie down in this posture, your feet and heart are aligned, which improves blood flow and stabilizes your heart rate.

Important Accessories

Don’t forget to ask about any important resources or features that may be offered to you. The controller remote or touchscreen, a Bluetooth system are important features to have in a chair. These things will come in handy and make your life easier while you need a massage.


Comfortable accommodation is one of the most important factors to consider. To get the best results from your massage, you should sit in a comfortable position and relax. If the height and size do not suit you, you will not receive the relief you want.

Rolling And Kneading Massage

Rolling massages are lighter and less intense, but kneading massages apply higher pressure deep into the muscles to relieve stress and tension. However, you may require a strong massage one day and a light massage the next. As a result, you must select one that includes both features. A good chair should feature both.

Number Of Motors

If you need powerful massages then you should choose high-end chairs. These chairs have a number of powerful motors that allow the rollers to rotate faster and create an effective and deeper kneading motion to make you even more relaxed.

Programs And Functions

Massage types are the most important things to look at very carefully. If you fail to pick the right decision here, you will end up with only disappointment. You definitely need to know what kind of massage you need for your body. Then see what the chairs are offering. The most important feature that must have been on your chair is multiple intensity levels, multiple rollers and airbags, L or SL track, and some preset auto programs with manual functions.


The cost of a Japanese chair is generally very high. They are quite pricey. To be fair, this is because they’re built to provide intense massages on a frequent basis. Purchasing costly chairs for only occasional or irregular use is a waste of money.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages

A Japanese recliner has numerous benefits and drawbacks. We will know exactly what those facts are and why we should buy any of them or what challenges we may face. 


  • Japanese chairs allow you to get a human therapist-like massage, and you can do it whenever you want.
  • There are several different styles of massage that you can get in one chair, including Shiatsu, Kneading, and Rolling.
  • When compared to human therapists, the Japanese chair offers daily massages at a fraction of the cost.
  • Access to a human therapist is not easy. You need to take appointments and that is a challenging task to get an appointment according to your preferred time. In that case, you can use a massage chair any time you want.
  • It will improve your blood circulation, reduce pains, loosen up tight muscles, and provide you with many medical benefits.


  • Japanese recliners will cost you a lot more than other luxury chairs at a time.
  • The mechanism is critical so you may find some chairs very challenging to assemble.


How Much Do Japanese Massage Chairs Cost?

They will cost you a lot more money than a budget friendly massage chair would. They’re usually well-built and have tons of features and programs. The quality of the chair impacts the pricing. You will see Japanese chairs costing from $1000 to $10000. The price of a chair is determined by its attributes, such as its quality and comfort.

Are These Japanese Recliners Beneficial For Health?

Yes, they are. Most Japanese chairs are engineered to provide you with a therapeutic massage. They’re excellent for easing back pain and muscle fatigue. These chairs include a variety of massage programs that treat your entire body. Zero gravity, heat therapy, body stretching, and lots of additional features are included to relieve stress, pressure, and pain while also increasing blood flow and metabolism. As a result, using a Japanese chair is both beneficial and safe. 

Are Japanese Massage Recliners Hard To Use?

No, not at all. Japanese chairs are quite simple to operate. You can use it quite easily even if you have no prior experience, just as you did when you first bought a TV. Simply plug it in, hold the remote or controller screen, and hit the appropriate buttons. You can relax totally by selecting one of the preset programs or by customizing the settings to your specific needs. Speed, intensity, and rollers can all be simply adjusted with the remote.

What Are The Best Japanese Massage Chair Brands?

In the realm of massage chairs, Japanese chairs are known for their high quality and excellent reputation. They’re well-built, rich-featured, and simple to operate. As a result of providing clients with high-quality products, the following companies have set a benchmark:

  • OHCO
  • Osaki
  • Synca
  • Panasonic


Here I have presented the five awesome Japanese massage chairs which are leading the market now. These chairs come along with lots of features and allow you to have less stress and more ease. All of the chairs feature fantastic massage capabilities to help you settle down more effectively.

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