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How To Move A Massage Chair Easily (Step By Step Process)

Moving massage chairs is sometimes very difficult because of the heavy weight, large appearance, lack of moving materials, and so on. But what to do if you need to move the chair in urgency? Well, being an expert my job is to assist you in such difficult situations when you don’t have the professional equipment. So, keep reading more to get to know how to move a massage chair with what you have got in your home and without any kind of professional tools. 

Things To Consider Before Moving A Massage Chair

You should always take the time to stop and analyze the situation before moving forward with any plans or projects. And in this matter, there aren’t any exceptions. There are a few things to consider before moving your massage chair. To begin, consider the following points:

The Weight Of Your Chair

First and first, let me state the obvious. Don’t forget that massage chairs are usually heavy and not easy to carry alone. But it depends on the movers’ age, strength, and physical condition whether he/she has the capability to move it by him/herself or not. However, moving a chair by yourself is never a good idea. So, before you set to move a massage chair, call a friend or somebody else and get the job done together.

Measurement Of The Openings

Measuring the opening is important. When the seller delivered the product to you, they used the front door and a dolly to transport the product in a box. However, while transferring from one room, floor, or house to another, your chair is not secure in the box, and you may not have a dolly. Therefore, In order to avoid damaging the doorframe or the chair, you must be extremely cautious and measure the opening before lifting or maneuvering the chair.

Remove The Plug And Get The Controls

The cord should be organized before transferring the chair. Make sure to unplug it from the socket before you begin. If the cord somehow gets underfoot or wrapped around the chair, it can be damaged. Alongside, the control panel and the remote control should be safeguarded. Look around for anything that might affect the way your chairs work, even if it’s minor.

The Place You Are Moving 

You must consider where you are relocating your chair. If it is within the house, moving will not be difficult. However, if you are intending to move to another house, there are a few critical points to consider. You’ll need better packaging, tools for moving, and a crew of friends or family members to assist you. Alternatively, you can simply pick up the phone and call a professional moving company and let them handle everything. So, think about where you want to shift and act accordingly.

Remove The Legrest

Moving a chair in pieces is much easier than moving it all at once. It will be much better for you if you part the extensions. So, make sure to read the instruction booklet that came with the chair and remove the legrest according to the directions provided. It’ll make things a lot easier for you when moving a massage chair.

Get Some Help

Doing things with friends or family is usually better and easier than doing them alone. Now that you’ve made up your mind to relocate your chair, call for some assistance from buddies. It will help you save money, time, and effort and make things go more smoothly.

Protection In Transport

If you are moving somewhere else from your present address, make sure to safeguard the chair. It’s utmost important to safeguard the chair’s upholstery and electronic parts from other stuff. So, when transporting the chair into a truck or van, tuck the cords inside, cover it with plastic wrap and use blankets to protect it from scuffs.

Read Your User Manual Carefully

Before you intend to move your chair, read the user manual thoroughly at least once. In most cases, the manufacturer includes a user manual that includes detailed instructions on how to move a massage chair. And, because the manual is model-specific, everything is described specifically, from how to open any element of the chair to how to fix it.

Hire Professional Movers

If you have any doubts or don’t want to take any chances with your most prized massage chair, this is the best option available. Call professional movers and assign them to transfer your belongings in the most comfortable manner possible. They will do the work in the most prominent way.

Step By Step Process To Move A Massage Chair

Any work that is done sequentially and step by step can be done efficiently and swiftly. That is why I have detailed the method step by step so that you can comprehend everything and get the task done quickly. Let’s get started.

  1. Start with the power cable by unplugging it from the socket. Then arrange the cord well so that it does not come under the foot or wrapped around the chair.
  2. Remove whatever you can off the chair. I was referring to the sections of the chair that can be separated depending on the model. Typically, the arm, foot, and headrest components can be removed. As a result, by removing the components, your work becomes easier than before.
  3. Lift the chair slowly and cautiously with the help of a friend or family person. Then move it to a new location you want to shift. However, lifting is a risky task because of the possibility of being dropped and being damaged. As well as there is a huge possibility of the chair knocking against the door or coming into contact with other objects. That is why, I recommend step 4 instead.
  4. Skip step three if you want to avoid the potential risk. Now take moving blankets or any other moving materials. Make sure the chair is fully upright before attempting to slide under-foot furniture pads or sliders. First, tilt the chair to slide it over the floor without causing any damage to either the hardwood or the carpet underneath it. Most of the chairs have wheels on the back nowadays to make things even easier. So you can tilt back the chair on its rear wheel and then move it easily anywhere.

Video Source: Alan Weidner’s Youtube Channel

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Are Massage Chairs Easy To Move?

Yes, massage chairs can be moved quite easily. But you have to know the right way and method. Although it depends on the particular chair and the place where you want to shift the chair. But generally, it is not that difficult as I have made a step-by-step guide to assist you. You can follow our footsteps to move your massage chair easily. Another thing is massage chairs now come with two wheels on the bottom which gives the chair a unique appearance and makes it easier to move around.

How Do You Move A Massage Chair Upstairs?

The upstairs moving process is the same as explained above. You need to consider those things before starting the process and then do the following.

  1. Unplug the wires
  2. Measure the stair width
  3. Remove all types of obstacles from the shifting path
  4. Remove all of the chair’s removable parts and disassemble it
  5. Then get some help and lift the parts one by one to the upstairs
  6. Now that you have moved all the parts upstairs, again reassemble them

How To Move A Massage Chair Downstairs?

Moving a massage chair downstairs is the same process as moving it upstairs. Repeat the same process like I did when moving the chair from downstairs to upstairs. The only difference is that you’ll have to take apart the chair upstairs and put it back together again when you bring it back downstairs.


In this article, I have covered each and everything you should know on how to move your heavy massage chair. I trust you’ve read everything and are ready to move your chair on your own now. Despite my best efforts to make the procedure simple and clear for you, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ping me.

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